Technical Services Department Procedures Manual


Section 3A1.2 :
Honors Papers

Honors papers will shelve in Special Collections, if we have additional copies, they will shelve in Reference.
They do not Circulate or go out on Interlibrary Loan. For permission to over-ride this talk to the Archivist or a Public Service Librarian.

Honors papers are generally cataloged for Special Collections, added copies go in Reference. Honors papers are the only Special Collections materials, currently, that are stamped and labeled. You don’t need a date due sticker though.

Cataloging: honors papers are unpublished manuscript materials.

They are cataloged locally on Voyager, not on OCLC.

Holdings — Special Collections or Reference.

Item — Perm. Loc: Spec Coll or Reference

Item type: Special Collections or Reference

Call number:

LD 1961
.G32gb .G32gb
[author cutter] [author cutter]
[year] [year]


Subject analysis: general subject headings.

MARC stuff:

Type: t (for print honors paper)

Ctry: xx[blank]

260 $c [year]. (no place or publisher)

descriptive note from the title page on degree, example: 500 “History honors project.”

502 thesis note example: 502 Honors paper (B.A.)–Georgetown College, 2000.

506 Restricted access; shelved in Special Collections

710 2 Georgetown College (Georgetown, Ky.) $b Anna Ashcraft Ensor Learning Resource Center. $b Special Collections.

730 0 Honors paper. $p dept. $f year. $g last name, intials

example: 730 0 Honors paper. $p History. $f 2000. $g Smith, A.B.

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