Technical Services Department Procedures Manual


Section 3.2 :
Library of Congress Call Number Cutter Table

After initial vowels
for the second letter:     b  d  l-m  n  p  r  s-t  u-y
use number:                   2  3    4    5  6  7   8    9

After initial letter S

for the second letter:    a   ch   e   h-i   m-p   t   u   w-z
use number:                  2    3    4     5      6      7   8     9

After initial letters Qu

for the second letter:    a   e   i   o   r   t   y
use number:                  3   4  5  6   7  8  9

For initial letters Qa-Qt, use: 2-29

After other initial consonants

for the second letter:   a   e   i   o   r   u   y
use number:                 3   4  5  6   7  8   9

For expansion

for the letter:                  a-d    e-h    i-l    m-o    p-s    t-v    w-z
use number:                   3       4       5      6        7      8       9

Numbers go in A 12-19

LC’s P Class Cutters (aka Z Table)

Tables for Individual Authors

Distribution of Cutter numbers for Biography and Criticism

Distribution of Cutter numbers for Individual works


LC’s Individual Biography Cutters

For those classes for which a unique table is not provided, the following general table is used:

.x Cutter for the individual
.xA2 Collected works. By date
.xA25 Selected works. Selections. By date
Including quotations
.xA3 Autobiography, diaries, etc. By date
.xA4 Letters. By date
.xA5 Speeches, essays, and lectures. By date
Including interviews
.xA6-Z Biography and criticism
Including criticism of selected works, quotations,
autobiography, letters, speeches, etc.

LC Translation Cutters

.x Original work
.x12 Polyglot
.x13 English translation
.x14 French translation
.x15 German translation
.x16 Italian translation
.x17 Russian translation
.x18 Spanish translation

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