Technical Services Department Procedures Manual


Section 2.1 :
Ordering Protocol for Acquisitions

Approved selection forms are received from the Collection Development Librarian.

Selection forms need to be separated by fund. This makes invoicing easier. For example, all restricted fund orders need to be on one purchase order, all AV orders need to be together (AV and MUS/CD orders can be included on the same PO if necessary). There are basically 4 funds to separate: Restricted fund, AV (and or MUS/CD), the regular book fund (designated as the departmental code: eng, mus, mpc, soc, etc…even though these have different names, they are really the same fund) and the Smith Law fund. Other special funds may need to be created as needed.

We currently have a deal with Emery-Pratt to be our primary vendor for books. Therefore, ordering is done via their web site:

Log in to the site and search by your preferred way. I use the ISBN option. Here you can search for as many as 50 at one time. Add each book to the bookbag. Any book that will go in REFERENCE put a comment that says “No processing on this item please”. Also, there is a place to put in the fund code. Here I put the fund. For example: restr; BUA; COM; REF; REL etc…

Next, I print the titles listed in the bookbag. At this point, do Not send the order yet. Log out of site.

Go to CatME. Do batch searching using the ISBN numbers listed on your printout. Validate and Export records.

Create purchase order in Voyager (specific instructions are in the manual for this). Use the automatic number that Voyager generates for you, however, in front of this number insert 65- (example you would have something like 65-1424.) I advise that you set your defaults before you begin with the PO. I also advise that you go ahead and select a fund and location in your defaults based on which fund you have the most selection forms for. This will speed things up, especially on large orders. You will need to change this fund in the purchase order for those that have different funds. Make sure that the “quick line item” is turned on.

Import the records that you exported from CatME. As records are being imported, the system checks for duplicates. If a window pops us and says, do you want to link this record to the existing one…..say no. This record will then not be imported. When the importation is complete, check on any duplicate titles in the cataloging module to make sure we really do have them.

Copy your PO#. Go back to and log in. Open your bookbag. Select change Purchase Order number. Put in your PO number given in Voyager.

Delete any titles that were duplicates.

Send order and log out.

Go back to your purchase order in Voyager. You will now have to enter each item detail. Highlight one line item at a time and then click “details”, the quick line item window will pop up. Here you can enter the price and change the fund if needed. In the last line that says note to vendor I enter the name of the person that requested the item. This allows you to later search items by line item instructions and will give you a list of title by requestor. The specific “requestor” field is not searchable and, for lack of a better way to put it, is a pain in the butt. If you ever use this option, you will find out why. Trust me and use the line item instructions or the line item note to put in the name of the requestor.

When finished with the details, approve the purchase order. The only exception to this is that we do not approve the purchase orders for periodical entries. Currently I do not enter prices of periodicals, nor do I invoice periodicals through Voyager.

For items not available through Emery-Pratt, you have to decide if you want to order direct or through a web-based company such as I order most of the AV material via and some out-of-print titles. We do have a credit card to use for online ordering if needed. Some companies will accept a purchase order number online, Films for the Humanities and Sciences is one of these. Foreign books can be found at or Schoenhofs usually. We also have an account with Baker and Taylor for media. We have also bought books form Baker and Taylor in the past, but changed to Emery-Pratt. If you have a media request from Insight Media you can get free shipping if you pre-pay your order.

Do Not “Complete” purchase orders. If you do, you will not be able to do anything else to it, like receive the line items.

Make sure you enter the correct purchase order “type”. Most orders are “firm orders”. However, subscriptions and standing orders are “continuous”

Most periodical subscriptions are purchased through Ebsco and most standing orders are purchased through Brodart. There are some that are ordered direct.

rev. January 17, 2002 (mr)

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