Technical Services Department Procedures Manual


Section 1.2 :
Procedure Manual Policies

Every attempt should be made to keep this manual up-to-date.
The manual will be maintained in HTML format.
Location of the manual is on the Technical Services’ area of the Library’s server (TECHSER on LEGOLAS).
All key department procedures and documents should be maintained.
Temporary procedures need not be added.
Each section will be maintained as a separate file for ease of updating.

The minimal format for each section, subsection, etc. will be labeled as shown in the following example. Sections will generally be arranged thematically.


0.1          If major section is not broken down
0.2          If major section is not broken down

0A          Subsection or Procedure of major section
0A.1       Subsection if major section is broken down
0A.1.1    Subsection of subsection
0.B          Subsection of major section

File naming should be adjusted to account for the period in Windows naming convention. Example: section 1.1 should be named sec1_1.htm so it will not conflict with a sec11.htm.

Sections and subsections should start at the top of a new page unless the content or logical structure would call for them to appear after one another.

The Miscellaneous section can contain memos, correspondence, training aids, etc., pertaining to cataloging/technical services. Mark the individual sections whatever the RE: in the memo is, or title of the piece. This section can also contain general procedures, policies, procedures, memos, etc. from other departments that were communicated to this area.

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