Technical Services Department Procedures Manual


Section 1.1 :
Technical Services Department Policies

The Technical Services Department will follow the procedures and recommendations stated in this manual. The goal of Technical Services is to provide users the most efficient and rapid access possible to library materials held and ordered by the library, and maintain a quality database allowing access to the library’s collections and resources. Our goal can only be accomplished by maximizing the efficiency of the department staff. Every request will be processed within human limits and departmental policies and procedures that have been established.
Major responsibilities of the area are, but not limited to, cataloging of all formats, acquiring materials for the collections, interlibrary loan, serials control, database maintenance, authority control, library software applications and training, processing and mending.

The department will follow accepted standards and practices for technical services that are recognized in current library literature and practiced by most libraries in the United States. Acquisition business procedures will follow those established by Georgetown College.

Cataloging procedures will follow those standards established in Anglo American Cataloging Rules, 2nd revised edition and as practiced by the Library of Congress whenever possible. Particular practices may be adjusted locally and because of our connections to OCLC and Voyager.

OCLC and Voyager are the main services used by the Library for bibliographic control.

Georgetown College Information Technology Services provides system support and access to the Internet.

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