Library Liaisons

Library faculty are assigned to each academic program area in order to:

  • Facilitate communication between teaching and library faculty
  • Develop quality collections to support all academic program areas
  • Integrate the use of information and related skills as essential components of student learning
  • Teach course-related sessions that support discipline-based library research skills
  • Provide reference assistance in support of the curriculum and faculty research
  • Answer questions, resolve problems,interpret library policies, and provide information about library resources

DepartmentDepartment ChairApprovalDepartment LiaisonLibrary Liaison
ArtDaniel GrahamChairDaniel GrahamSusan Martin
BiologyTracy LivingstonFacultyTracy LivingstonMichele Ruth
Business Administration & EconomicsTom CopperFacultyDaniel VazzanaMichele Ruth
ChemistryTodd HamiltonFacultyDavid FraleySusan Martin
Communication and Media StudiesSusan DummerFacultyKenny SibalBen Rawlins
EducationJoy Bowers-CampbellFacultyAngela CoxMichele Ruth
EnglishBarbara BurchFacultyHolly BarbacciaMichele Ruth
Graduate EducationAndrea PeachFacultyAndrea PeachMichele Ruth
HistoryCliff WargelinFacultyCliff WargelinBen Rawlins
Kinesiology and Health StudiesJean KiernanFaculyBrian JonesSusan Martin
Mathematics, Physics, Computer ScienceHomer WhiteFacultyWill HarrisMichele Ruth
Modern and Classical Languages and CulturesLaura HuntFacultyLaura HuntBen Rawlins
MusicSonny BurnetteFacultySonny BurnetteBen Rawlins
PhilosophyRoger WardFacultyRoger WardMichele Ruth
Political ScienceMelissa ScheierChairMelissa ScheierSusan Martin
PsychologyKaryn McKenzieFacultyJay CastenadaSusan Martin
ReligionSheila KlopferFacultyTerry ClarkBen Rawlins
SociologyEric CarterFacultyEric CarterBen Rawlins
TheaterEd SmithChairEd SmithSusan Martin