QR Codes

QR (Quick Response) Codes are two-dimensional barcodes which can be scanned by a mobile device camera prompting the device to load a webpage or display text contained in the code.

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In order to use QR Codes you need:

  • A mobile device with a camera
  • QR Code reading software
    • Find a QR Reader for your mobile device
    • Check iTunes for free QR apps
    • Check Google Play for free QR apps

How do I use QR Codes?

To use QR codes, you need a device that can scan them. The most commonly used devices are mobile phones or mobile devices such as an iPhone or iPod Touch. The current generation of smart phones often either come with suitable scanning software pre-installed or can have the scanning software installed.

The software you use will depend on your device. In order to find appropriate software, trying searching the web for: qr code <device>, where <device> is the make and model of your phone or mobile device.

Once you have the suitable software on your device, you can make use of the QR Codes used on the LRC’s in the online catalog.

Run the scanning software and point the camera on your phone at the QR Code on the webpage, moving the phone closer to the screen if needed.

Once the phone has picked up the QR code you will have the information contained in the codes. Information in these codes vary depending on which webpage you visit.

How does the LRC use QR Codes?

The LRC uses QR Codes in a variety of different ways. Listed below are ways in which these codes are utilized at LRC.

  • Library Directory-scanning the individual codes on the Library Directory page will give users contact information for the Library staff member. This includes name, phone number and email. Users can then save that information to their contacts or even initiate a phone by scanning that code.
  • The Library’s online catalog uses QR codes as a shortcut to a record in the catalog.  When viewing a record in the catalog, a QR code is displayed on the right hand side of the page. This QR codes represents the URL of the current page, therefore it can be used to either store the URL of an item you are interested in on your device or take you straight to the same page in the web browser on your device. You can also click ‘Get info in a QR code’ in the action box. Scanning this code will display the title, location, and call number of an item.