The Library is equipped with 50 public access computers (PCs). They are located:

  • 2 computers in the First Floor Lobby
  • 16 computers in the Reference Room, south of the First Floor Lobby
  • 20 computers in the Ward Room, north of the First Floor Lobby (on the College Street side)
  • 10 computers in the Second Floor North study area, overlooking College Street
  • 2 computers in Second Floor alcoves

Library computers are intended for research and academic pursuits. Because most applications are tied to our Campus Service Agreement, a Georgetown College username and password is required for access. Guests may acquire a temporary password at the Circulation Desk.

Library computers are also networked to:

  • Printers, both in the Library and across campus

The Library also provides both wireless access and data drops for use by those in our college community who wish to bring their own laptops. The Library was the first wireless building at Georgetown College.

Wireless Access
Georgetown College students, faculty, or staff with active technology accounts may use their wireless network cards in the LRC to access the Internet.

To connect to the wireless network using a laptop, open a browser and you should automatically be verified through the Bradford System which will allow you network access. If you have not yet registered your computer on the network, the Bradford System will guide you through the setup process and then allow you access.

If you still have any questions or need help setting up your wireless account, please contact the IT Help Desk at 863-4357(HELP) and they will be happy to assist you.



Three networked printers are available for use by members of the Georgetown College community:

One printer is in the Ward Room. It is called “Ricoh Follow You”
One printer is in the Reference Room. It is called “Ricoh Follow You”
A color printer is available behind the Reference Desk.
All undergraduate students receive 100 free printed pages on their G-cards at the beginning of each semester. After you use these free prints, you will need to add funds to you G-Card or pay in cash for additional prints.

Please note: The printers in LRC 012, LRC 015, and LRC 150 are for use only during regularly scheduled classes.


If you are having difficulty printing there are several common steps you can take to get it to work properly:

Be sure that you use your own login to get on the network.
Make sure you are using your own G-Card. The login and G-Card must match (same student). Borrowing someone else’s G-card to print will not work.
Instead of just hitting the Print icon, go to File > Print. Be sure that the default printer is the one you intend the print job to go to. Sometimes the default printer has been set up to go to a different printer.
After you have sent you print job to the printer you will be prompted to accept the charges. Before clicking ‘accept’ make sure the job has finished ‘calculating.’
Occasionally, what you want to print is on an “inside pane” of Windows. It is a good habit to use the “Print preview” function to be sure that you get what you want. Make sure you are printing from the correct “window” of your web page.


There are three photocopiers for public use in the library:

  • In the Reference Room (can only use G-Card)
  • Just off the main lobby as you go into the Ward Room.
  • On the Second Floor, above the Circulation Desk (near the bathrooms)
  • Two of the photocopiers accept coins or G-Cards. Photocopies are .10 cents in cash, or .08 cents with a G-Card. Photocopiers are owned and maintained by IKON, who has a contract with our Publishing & Duplicating department for all copiers and printers on campus.

    If the copier has run out of paper, jammed, or you need any assistance please contact the Circulation Desk on the first floor.

    Microform Readers

    Microfilm and microfiche documents and reader/printers are on the third floor of the LRC. Copies cost $.10 a piece. The printers only accept dimes but the Circulation Desk will gladly give you change.

    If you need assistance using microforms, please ask for help at the Circulation or Research Desk.

    The Georgetown College G-Card serves as all student, staff, and faculty’s library card. As part of the increased commitment to Identity Theft Protection, all library patrons must produce their G-Cards in order to check out materials. Please be prepared to show proof of your affiliation with Georgetown College when you visit the Library.

    The G-Card also allows you to make photocopies copies at a discounted $.08 per copy rate (copies cost $.10 a copy with cash). Simply place your card in the card reader located near the copiers.

    For printing, after you have sent a document, swipe your card on the ‘pay for print’ unit near the printer. You will then be prompted to select the specific or all documents you wish to print. Undergraduate students are given a 100 sheet allowance at the beginning of each semester for printing. After you use these free prints, you will need to add funds to you G-Card at the business Office, the Student Center or online!

    For more information about your G-Card visit their website.