Room Schedules

This page contains the schedules for the rooms located in the LRC. However, events on these calendars may not be the most current, to reserve a room or check the master calendar, please consult EventManager and visit the Room Reservations page for policies pertaining to the rooms reserved by the LRC.

Arnett Conference Room

LRC 150

LRC 223

LRC 230

LRC 232

LRC 233

LRC 234

LRC 235

LRC 236

LRC 237

LRC 231 Conference Room

LRC 241

LRC 301 Group Study Area

LRC Lobby

Reference Room (Neil Fireside Room)

Ward Room

Conchenour Gallery

Jacobs Gallery

LRC 003 Language Lab

LRC 011

LRC 012

LRC 015

LRC 021

LRC 146