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The Age of Beauty / Belle Epoque
Director: Fernando Trueba
2003 (1992)
Fernando, a handsome, young Spanish army deserter who befriends a free-thinking artist, finds himself in a romantic dilemma when the artist’s four beautiful daughters return to their country home in the winter of 1931. Which woman should he love? 109 min.
Call number: DVD bell

Al Margen de la Ley
Director: Fernando Duran
2006 (1989)
A chauffeur, who is involved with two other dangerous criminals, is kidnapping his boss’s son. Now they became the prime target of a tough Marshall. The marshall and his partner have to race against time to rescue the boy. 81 min.
Call number: DVD alma

Al Otro Lado / To the Other Side
Director: Gustavo Loza
2007 (2005)
Three cultures, three countries, three realities introduce us to the lives of three children that all share the same sentiment, dealing with the absence of a loved one and the need to bring them back home. 85 min.
Call number: DVD alot

Amar Te Duele / Love Hurts
Director: Fernando Sarinaña
2006 (2002)
Two teenagers who fall in love are divided by class, family, and peer pressure. 104 min.
Call number: DVD amar

Amores Perros
Director: Alejandro González Iñárritu
Set in Mexico. Three different people are catapulted into dramatic and unforseen circumstances in the wake of a terrible car crash: a young punk stumbles into the sinister underground world of dog fighting; an injured supermodel’s designer pooch disappears into the apartment’s floorboards; and an ex-radical turned hit man rescues a Rotweiler with a gunshot wound. 153 min.
Call number: DVD amor

Año Mariano / Holy Mary
Mariano is a traveling salesman who falls asleep while driving late at night, sending his car off the road and into a field, which turns out to be part of an illicit marijuana farm. When Mariano awakes, he discovers that a team of policemen led by Sgt. Talavera has found the weed and set the field ablaze. The billows of fragrant smoke have a powerful effect on Mariano, and he imagines he’s seeing an apparition of the Virgin Mary.. 153 min.
Call number: DVD anom

Bad Education / La Mala Educación
Director: Pedro Almodóvar
An examination on the effect of Franco-era religious schooling and sexual abuse on the lives of two longtime friends.
Call number: DVD bade

Bear Cub / Cachorro
Director: Miguel Albaladejo
This film tells the engaging story of Pedro, an attractive gay dentist living an active single life in Madrid. He offers to take care of his adorable 9-year-old nephew Bernardo for two weeks while the child’s mother travels abroad with her latest “hippie” boyfriend. When Mom suddenly becomes detained in India, however, Pedro must become the boy’s caretaker. And to further complicate matters, the boy’s grandmother begins a custody battle for the child. 98 min.
Call number: DVD bear

Between Your Legs / Entre las Piernas
Director: Manuel Gómez Pereira
2003 (1999)
Both Javier, a film producer and Miranda, a radio announcer are addicted to sex and anonymous encounters. They make love in the back of an abandoned car which has a corpse hidden inside its trunk. Miranda’s jealous husband is the cop investigating the case, and it soon looks like Javier has been framed. 120 min.
Call number: DVD betw

El Bola
Director: Achero Mañas
2006 (2000)
Pablo (El Bola) is a 12-year-old boy raised in a violent and unforgiving environment. Embarrassed by his family life, he retreats from his classmates, engaging them only through a dangerous game. 87 min.
Call number: DVD elbo

Buenrostro Women / Hijas de Su Madre
2007 (2005)
The Buenrostros are an important and prosperous family, but it’s the women who rule the roost. Between their love triangles and secret snuff business, these ladies cook up a comedy where passion, humor, and death are the most important ingredients. 109 min.
Call number: DVD hija

Butterfly / Lengua de las Mariposas
Director: José Luis Cuerda
2000 (1999)
During the Spanish Civil War, a shy boy is brought out of his cocoon by a teacher who shows him the wonders of nature.
Call number: DVD butt

Los Cachorros
Director: Jorge Fons
Una historia basada en la novela de Mario Vargas LLosa. Este es un hombre mutilado fisica y mentalmente y de una chica atractiva y muy sensual, ambos con sed de placer, pero lucharan entre la incapacidad de el y la crueldad de ella… 100 min.
Call number: DVD cach

La Celestina
Director: Gerardo Vera
2005 (1996)
Calisto is a young knight who has fallen madly in love with a beautiful maiden. Failing in his endeavors to win her over, Calisto is prompted by his unscrupulous servant to seek the help of the witch Celestina. 109 min.
Call number: DVD lace

Cilantro y Perejil
Director: Rafael Montero
2002 (1997)
A female documentary director’s latest project is to capture her sister’s marital difficulties on film in hopes of shedding light on the travails of modern romance. One of the best films to come out of Mexico. 90 min.
Call number: DVD cila

Common Ground / Lugares Comunes
Director: Adolfo Aristarain
2004 (2002)
Fernando, a respected university professor, and Lili, his devoted wife, have lived happily together in Buenos Aires for many years. Without warning, they find their comfortable life threatened when Fernando is forced into early retirement as a result of Argentina’s economic crisis. Facing an uncertain future, the couple relocates to the countryside where they bravely set out on a new chapter of their lives. In Spanish with English subtitles. 113 min.
Call number: DVD comm

Common Wealth / La Comunidad
Director: Alex de la Iglesia
Julia, a hard-working real estate agent, finds 300 million pesetas hidden in a dead man’s apartment and is forced to face the wrath of a very peculiar community of neighbors led by an unscrupulous administrator.110 min.
Call number: DVD comm

The Crime of Padre Amaro / El crimen del Padre Amaro
Director: Carlos Carrera
2003 (2002)
A recently ordained priest is sent to help an aging priest run a small parish church in rural Mexico. Upon arriving at his new post, he meets a beautiful young woman with a religious passion that borders on obsession. Quickly, her passion for her faith becomes helplessly entangled in a growing attraction to the new priest. But when the handsome priest crosses the line that separates temptation from sin, he finds himself torn between the divine and the carnal, the righteous and the unjust. 119 min.
Call number: DVD crim

The Devil’s Backbone / El Espinazo del Diablo
Director: Guillermo del Toro
2004 (2001)
“What is a ghost? A tragedy condemned to repeat itself time and again? An instant of pain, perhaps. Something dead which still seems to be alive. An emotion suspended in time. Like a blurred photograph. Like an insect trapped in amber.” So says Casares, but ten-year-old Carlos disagrees. Thanks to the Civil War, Carlos his arrived at the desolate Santa Lucia School, now a makeshift shelter for war orphans, where an unexploded bomb rests in the courtyard. More frightening are the odd things keep happening to Carlos – he sees strange shadows, hears voices, and at night he is being visited by the “One Who Sighs.” 108 min.
Call number: DVD devi

Don’t Tempt Me / Sin Noticias de Dios
Director: Augustin Diaz Yanes
2004 (2001)
Heaven has sent it’s best, and the devil has enlisted his worst to do battle for ultimate supremacy. The winner is to be decided by whoever can secure the soul of a short-tempered, punch-drunk boxer on Earth. These sexy angels pull no punches. They use their brains, wiles and of course, sex appeal. Damnation has never been this suductive, and seduction never more heavenly. This boxer is not going to know what hit him, after all, he is only human! 108 min.
Call number: DVD dont

Dream Kiss / El Beso del Sueño
Director: Rafael Moreno Alba
2004 (1992)
Margot, an expensive prostitute, is given to robbing passengers on trains. This story repeats itself until one day she receives a surprising booty. From that moment on, Margot becomes increasingly wrapped up in a turbulent network of death, seduction and blackmail. 119 min.
Call number: DVD drea

Dying of Laughter / Muertos de Risa
Director: Alex de la Iglesia
2004 (1999)
In the early 1970’s, Nino is a nightclub singer whose career is going nowhere, and Bruno is a comic who isn’t doing any better. A talent agent, Julian, teams them up for a sketch on a popular TV show, and when Nino is suddenly stricken with stage fright on camera and can’t speak, Bruno impulsively slaps him. The audience finds this hilarious, and their career as a duo is off and running, while their personal relationship starts at a low point and keeps getting worse. Over time, Bruno steals Nino’s girlfriend, Nino gets arrested for dealing drugs, the act periodically breaks up and reunites, and in the midst of a New Year’s Eve broadcast in 1992, the two exchange gunfire on live TV. In Spanish with English subtitles. 113 min.
Call number: DVD dyin

Don Quijote
Director: Manuel Gutiérrez Aragon
The episodic format of the production follows the structure of the book as the adventures gradually reveal Don Quijote’s character and madness. 5 discs, 310 min.
Call number: DVD donq

En la pu..Vida / Tricky Life
Director: Beatriz Flores Silva
2004 (2001)
In this comedic drama, Elisa, 27, dreams of opening her own hairdressing salon in one of the rich districts of the Uruguayan capital. A bit of a rebel, one day Elisa moves out of her mother’s house with her two children and breaks up with Garcia, her boss and lover who has infuriated her by not wanting to get married. So, in the space of twenty-four hours, Elisa finds herself without a roof over her head, without a man, without a job and without money. Her best friend Loulou finds her a job – in the brothel run by Dona Jacqueline. And without really being aware of it, Elisa slides into prostitution, which leads her to Barcelona. She falls in love, she is exploited, she gets involved in transvestite gang wars, and meanwhile just dreams of earning enough money for her little beauty salon back home. 100 min.
Call number: DVD enla

Flores de Otro Mundo / Flowers from Another World
Director: Iciar Bollain
2005 (1999)
A group of women take a bus trip to a remote Spanish village overwhelmingly populated by men. The women dream of a better life while the men ache with more romantic yearnings. 100 min.
Call number: DVD flor

Flower of My Secret / La flor de mi secreto
Director: Pedro Almodóvar
2005 (1995)
Leo writes romance novels – but with a loveless marriage, she finds herself fresh out of inspiration. Angel is a tough and gruff journalist with an iron will and a heart of gold. When their paths cross, they discover something neither had expected – a real-life love affair. 103 min.
Call number: DVD flow

Golden Balls / Huevos de Oro
Director: Bigas Luna
2002 (1993)
Benito Gonzalez is a young man whose sexual desires are as great as his ambition to succeed in his construction business. When he marries beautiful Marta, daughter of a wealthy financier, his fortune seems golden. Yet he continues to see Claudia his secretary, and soon his relationship with Marta becomes strained–until Marta and Claudia meet. Benito’s ultimate wish may come true. 95 min.
Call number: DVD gold

Goya / Goya in Bordeaux
Director: Carlos Saura
Presents the turbulent life story of Francisco de Goya, set in Bordeaux, France.
Call number: DVD goya

Director: Tomás Gutiérrez Alea
In this romantic comedy, Yoyita, a world-famous diva, returns to her home town of Guantanamo for an elegant reception and a surprise reunion with her once beloved, Candido. Overjoyed with the rekindled memories of her first love, Yoyita’s elated heart fizzles while in Candido’s embrace. Joining Yoyita’s funeral procession back to Havana are her sexy niece Gina, a former professor blacklisted for political nonconformity, and her husband Adolfo, a tasteless government official in charge of the funeral proceedings. As the cortege wends westward across Cuba, its path keeps crossing that of Mariano, a gallant truck driver who once had a crush on Gina and whose recurring presence crystallizes her doubts about her marriage. 104 min.
Call number: DVD guan

Director: Gerardo Herrero
2007 (2005)
A middle-class mother of three, suddenly faces her greatest challenge when she discovers that her son ia a heroin addict and delinquent. A tale of an extraordinary woman’s battle against those in power and society and what this means to her family. 110 min.
Call number: DVD hero

The Hidden One / La Escondida
Director: Roberto Gavaldon
A Mexican peasant girl rises to fame and social prominence as a courtesan, before losing everything after falling in love with a Zapatista rebel. 100 min.
Call number: DVD esco

Holy Girl / La Niña Santa
Director: Lucretia Martel
The Holy Girl poignantly captures the lives of two teenage girls, Amalia, daughter to the owner of the hotel, and the girl’s best friend Josefina, as they adjust to their growing sexuality and religious passion. 104 min.
Call number: DVD holy

I Will Survive / Sobreviviré
Director: Alfonso Albacete & David Menkes
2004 (1999)
The man in your life is not always the man of your dreams. At first Marga was afraid, her boyfriend has just died, she is pregnant and unemployed. But she picks herself up, her new Cuban friend Rosa agrees to take care of herson and she buys a video shop. Now all she needs is the man. Enter the young and handsome Iñaqui, who’s perfect except for one small problem, he just broke up with a man! Their relationship blossoms until she begins to suspect that maybe her new love still has an eye for the guys. Will Marga and Iñaqui forge a new sort of relationship? 102 min.
Call number: DVD iwil

Director: Juan Carlos Fresnadillo
Considered “lucky” after surviving a plane crash, a thief is recruited into an underground gambling ring where death and luck intermingle. Sam is the ring leader of a gang who discovers the thief’s luck and attempts to “steal” it from him. Spanish or English dialogue, English subtitles. 109 min.
Call number: DVD inta

Director: Rosa Vergés
2005 (2004)
This intense drama follows the odyssey of a woman whose life is marked by the horrors of the civil war. 99 min.
Call number: DVD iris

The Day Laborers / Los Jornaleros
Director: Lane Shefter Bishop
Three young Hispanic men seek a better life in Los Angeles, struggling with many obstacles in order to make their dreams a reality. 90 min.
Call number: DVD jorn

Law of Desire / La ley del deseo
Director: Pedro Almodóvar
2007 (1987)
Explores the relationships of a gay movie director, who has a transsexual brother (now a woman living with her daughter) and two lovers, one of whom murders the other and takes the director’s sister (brother) hostage in order to see the director one more time. Spanish with English subtitles. 102 min.
Call number: DVD lawo

Like Water for Chocolate / Como Agua Para Chocolate
Director: Alfonso Arau
2000 (1992)
Romantic fantasy set in Mexico during the early 20th century. A young couple is blocked from marrying by the demands of the young woman’s cold and selfish mother. To be near his love, the young man marries her sister, and she expresses her passion for him through her cooking.. Spanish or English dialogue, English subtitles. 105 min.
Call number: DVD like

Live Flesh / Carne Trémula
Director: Pedro Almodóvar
2001 (1997)
Set in Spain. The lives of five people are intertwined by romance, friendship and rivalry. Victor has fallen for a woman, Elena. Elena wants nothing to do with Victor and she calls the cops when he shows up at her apartment. The two cops that show up are David and Sancho. Sancho is a chronic, abusive drunk and believes his wife, Clara may be having an affair with his partner, David. Based on the novel by Ruth Rendell.
Call number: DVD live

Live-in Maid / Cama Adentro
Director: Jorge Gaggero
2007 (2004)
When Buenos Aires is plunged into an economic meltdown, Bebe faces crises and is unable to pay her longtime maid, Dora. The two realizes that in order to survive, they must put aside their class resentments. Extras included. Winner of several awards. 87 mins.
Call number: DVD live

Lost Embrace / El Abrazo Partido
Director: Daniel Burman
2006 (2003)
Ariel is a young man who lives in a Jewish working-class section of Buenos Aires. Since his father went missing in the war, his mother Sonia and brother Joseph work in the shopping and business district. With no interest in school or work, Ariel just ends up hangin’ out. He finally gets motivated by the idea of moving to Poland, so asks his grandmother, an ex-girlfriend, and Rabbi Benderson for help. 100 min.
Call number: DVD lost

Lovers of the Arctic Circle / Los Amantes del Circulo Polar
Director: Julio Medem
2006 (1999)
After a chance meeting as eight-year-olds, Ana and Otto come to live under the same roof when Ana’s mother and Otto’s father marry. As the two grow older, they begin to discover an attraction for each other, delving deeper and deeper into a forbidden love. Destiny tears the family apart, but years later they are given one last chance to be reunited. 109 min.
Call number: DVD love

Director: Mariano Barroso
2005 (2000)
After living in Morocco for five years due to work, Mario is scheduled to return to his native Spain…at least that is what he thinks. As one last favor, he gives his boss’s daughter a tour. When she comes up missing, he becomes the prime suspect. 99 min.
Call number: DVD kasb

KM.0 / Kilometer Zero
Director: Juan Luis Iborra & Yolanda García Serrano
2004 (2000)
Kilometer 0 is the very center of Madrid. It is also a meeting place as 14 lives that intersect for sex, romance, chance meetings, missed connections and mistaken identities. 105 min.
Call number: DVD km.0

Mala Uva
Director: Javier Domingo
2007 (2004)
Vineyard owner and family man César is forced out of retirement and back into his secret profession as a hit man. Unknown to his family, he’s got to do a killer job if they’re going to survive. 90 min.
Call number: DVD mala

Maria Full of Grace
Director: Joshua Marston
Maria, a poor Columbian teenager, is desperate to leave a soul-crushing job. She accepts an offer to transport packets of heroin – which she swallows – to the United States. The ruthless world of drug trafficking proves to be more than she bargained for. 101 min. Subtitles in English, French and Spanish.
Call number: DVD mari

Martin / Hache
Director: Adolfo Aristarain
2006 (1997)
Martin is a film director who lives in Madrid and cannot reconnect with his past or his son in Argentina. Martin (Hache) is 19, and seems to be interested only in rock music and drugs. After a nearly fatal drug overdose his mother sends him to his father, who lives with his new much younger lover Alicia and gay actor friend Dante. 134 min. Subtitles in English.
Call number: DVD mari

Director: Vicky Funari
Explores the environmental devastation and urban chaos of Tijuana’s assembly factories and the female laborers who have organized themselves for social action. 68 min. Chiefly Spanish dialogue with English subtitles; some English dialogue with Spanish subtitles.
Call number: DVD HD 6101.Z6 T54 2006

Director: Pedro Almodóvar
2007 (1986)
Pedro Almodovar’s black comedy explores the relationship between a retired matador, his handsome protege and a beautiful but murderous lawyer. 107 min.
Call number: DVD mata

Mensaka / Pages from a Story
Director: Salvador Garcia Ruiz
2003 (1998)
A spicy tale of a group of young aspiring musicians trying to strike it rich, while holding on to their creative ideals and friendships. 105 min.
Call number: DVD mens

Moments with Fidel
Director: Rebeca Chavez
2007 (2004)
Cuban director Rebeca Chavez uses archival film and audio material to create a collage of important moments in Castro’s political and personal life, including his re-definition of Cuba’s role after the collapse of the Communist Bloc. 55 min.
Call number: DVD F 1788.22 .C3 M66 2007

Mondays in the Sun / Los Lunes al Sol
Director: Fernando Leon de Aranoa
2003 (2002)
Laid off from the local shipyard, six men spend their days at the town bar, where they discuss their current state. Gruff puts up a tough front. The morose José openly worries about his wife, whom he fears might leave him. Amador, the oldest of the bunch, keeps reassuring everyone that his wife will be back any day now from her trip. Meanwhile, Lino refuses to give up hope of employment, going to interview after interview for jobs being offered to applicants half his age. Presiding over the glum bunch is Rico, the bar owner and the men’s co-worker from their shipyard days. 114 min.
Call number: DVD mond

The Motorcycle Diaries / Diarios de Motocicleta
Director: Walter Salles
An inspirational adventure, based on the true story of two young men whose thrilling and dangerous road trip across Latin America becomes a life-changing journey of self-discovery. Based on the books Notas de Viaje, by Ernesto Guevara, and Con el Che por Sudamâerica, by Alberto Granado. Audio in Spanish or French, optional subtitles in English or French. 127 min.
Call number: DVD moto

Mutant Action / Accion Mutante
Director: Álex de la Iglesia
2002 (1992)
Dystopic science fiction film set in the year 2012 in a world ruled by bodybuilders, designers and the ultra-chic. Accion Mutante, an underground group of mentally and physically disabled are the sole resistance to the cult of beauty and wealth. Ramon, the leader of the group devises plots to kidnap Patricia, daughter of a wealthy industrialist, but the plot does not work out as planned. 91 min.
Call number: DVD acci

The Girl of Your Dreams / La Niña de Tus Ojos
Director: Fernando Trueba
2004 (1998)
In Civil War torn Spain, Germany invites a group of filmmakers to shoot two versions of the Andalusian musical drama “The girl of your dreams” in Berlin. Happy to leave the war behind them, the troupe of Spaniards starts filming in Hitler’s Berlin. The hospitality upon their arrival has more to do with the youthful charms of Macarena Granada. What’s more, the only Andalusion-looking extras in Germany are the gypsies and Jewish prisoners in a nearby concentration camp. When Macarena befriends one of the prisoners, the troupe must decide if the movie is more important than their lives. 121 min.
Call number: DVD nina

Nine Queens / Nueve Reinas
Director: Fabian Bielinsky
Set in Argentina. Two small-time grifters team up to pull off a big-time score involving a set of valuable counterfeit stamps knows as the Nine Queens.
Call number: DVD nine

You Should Not Be Here / No Debes Estar Aquí
Director: Jacoba Rispa
2004 (2002)
Gonzalo and Marta, avid internet surfers, log onto a website chat room where people relegate their experiences of placing themselves in potentially deadly situations. They begin receiving emails threatening death if they don’t seek appointed thrills. 96 min.
Call number: DVD node

No Sabe No Contesta
Director: Fernando Musa
2004 (2001)
Presents several days in the life of Joaquín, a film student, and his friends. 90 min.
Call number: DVD nosa

Nobody’s Life
Director: Eduard Cortés
2006 (2002)
Emilio seems to have it all – great job, beautiful house, loving wife, and adoring son. Things aren’t always what they seem to be. When a sexy young student enters his life, the balance that keeps his secret hidden falls apart. 103 min.
Call number: DVD nobo

Night of Kings / Noche de Reyes
Director: Miguel Bardems
2005 (2001)
Chaos erupts at a business meeting when Lucia Cuspineda discovers that her husband is having an affair with his assistant. In a race against the clock to save the family business, life gets crazier as the Cuspineda clan meets a string of wacky characters. 100 min.
Call number: DVD noch

The Orphanage / Orfanato
Director: J.A. Bayona
2008 (2007)
Laura decides to purchase her beloved childhood orphanage with dreams of restoring and reopening the long abandoned facility as a place for disabled children. The new environment awakens the imagination of Laura’s son. His ongoing fantasy games played with an invisible friend quickly turn into something more disturbing. Upon seeing her family increasingly threatened by the strange occurrences in the house, Laura looks to a group of parapsychologists for help in unraveling the mystery that has taken over the place. 105 min.
Call number: DVD orph

The Other Side of the Bed / El Otra Lado de la Cama
Director: Martínez-Lázaro
The story of two couples, along with a collection of their friends and co-workers, whose switching back and forth between their lovers leads to lies and heartache and lots of song and dance. 114 min.
Call number: DVD othe

Pan’s Labyrinth / Laberinto del Fauno
Director: Guillermo del Toro
2007 (2006)
Set in 1944 Spain, against the backdrop of the anti-Franco guerrilla warfare. When young Ofelia and her mother go to live with her new stepfather on a rural military outpost, she finds herself in a world of unimaginable cruelty. Soon Ofelia finds the creatures of her imagination in which she used to escape have become a reality and she must battle them to save both her mother and herself. In the terrifying battle that ensues, Ofelia soon learns that innocence has a power that evil cannot imagine. 119 min.
Call number: DVD pans

Queens / Reines
Director: Manuel Gomez Pereira
Hilarious high jinx and mayhem unfold as the mothers of six men, about to partake in Spain’s first ever en masse gay wedding, learn to deal with their own prejuidices, history, and desires. 105 min.
Call number: DVD quee

Rudo y Cursi
Director: Carlos Cuarón
2009 (2008)
From the rural banana plantation where they play soccer for the village team to the big city stadiums, two brothers have become rivals and battle each other on opposing sides. When a talent scout gets stranded in their tiny town, brothers Beto and Tato are discovered. They are whisked away to Mexico City to play for the big leagues where they quickly achieve fame. Beto is nicknamed ‘Rudo’ for his hotheaded goalkeeper style and Tato is called ‘Cursi’ for his peculiar scoring technique. Success leads to excess. Rudo descends into a quagmire of gambling debt and drug abuse. Cursi is distracted by beautiful women and a second career as a pop singer. Having come so far, will the siblings remember their original goal to build a home for their mother?. 102 min.
Call number: DVD rudo

Director: Carlos Saura
2002 (2002)
Biblical story of lust, ambition, and spite. Great flare through the performance of famed, consummate flamenco dancer and actress Aida Gomez as Salome. 83 min.
Call number: DVD salo

The Sea Inside / Mar Adentro
Director: Alejandro Amenábar
Biography of Spaniard Ramon Sampedro, who fought a 30-year campaign to win the right to end his life. In Spanish with English subtitles. 125 min.
Call number: DVD seai

Secrets of the Heart / Secretos del Corazón
Director: Montxo Armendáriz
Set in Spain. Javi believes he can hear the voices of the dead and that they whisper to him their secrets, which were left unspoken in life. At his mother’s house in the mountains, he is fascinated by the room in which his father died and which his mother carefully keeps locked. But, Javi also learns that the living have their secrets as well.
Call number: DVD secr

Broken Silence / Silencio Roto
Director: Montxo Armendáriz
2004 (2001)
Lucia is attracted to Manuel, who is a supporter of the anti-Franco Resistance. When Manuel is pursued by Franco’s Civil Guard he flees to the mountains and Lucia discovers the reality of political repression – the silence, the horror, the fear.
Call number: DVD sile

Beaten / Soba
Director: Alan Coton
2006 (2004)
Justine’s flirting with her stepfather provokes the murder of both him and Justine’s mother. Temporarily insane, she runs away. Two corrupt police officers pick her up and decide to hold her hostage for their own purposes. 98 min.
Call number: DVD soba

Alone / Solas
Director: Benito Zambrano
2003 (1999)
A touching story about women whose emotional lives are as rich as their surroundings are poor. Maria is a troubled woman who drinks, smokes, and steals, desperate for oblivion and angry at the entire world. Emotional rescue comes in the form of her own mother who comes to visit while her father is in the hospital. Her mother cooks, crochets and befriends the gentlemanly neighbor who lives downstairs, while patiently trying to reach out to her own daughter. 98 min.
Call number: DVD sola

La Sombra del Caudillo
Director: Julio Bracho
2006 (1960)
Film portrays the turbulent political situation in post-revolutionary Mexico in 1920. The imminent succession of the military leader in power is about to be decided. Aguirre is chosen as the candidate of the Radical Progressive Party, but his boss, El Caudillo, has chosen another candidate, Jiménez. Aguirre must decide between his loyalty to the regime and the opportunity to accede to power. Several moves between the opposing factions lead to a violent climax. 120 min.
Call number: DVD somb

Son of the Bride / El Hijo de la Novia
Director: Juan Jose Campanella
2002 (2001)
Rafael is a 42-year-old divorced father and restaurant owner who is overwhelmed with life. He feels guilty that he doesn’t visit his mother, who is stricken with Alzheimer’s disease; he lives in his father’s shadow; he doesn’t spend enough time with his daughter and he can’t commit to his girlfriend. When a series of unexpected events happen, Rafael re-evaluates his life. 125 min.
Call number: DVD sono

Strawberry and Chocolate / Fresa y Chocolate
Director: Tomas Gutierrez Alea and Juan Carlos Tabio
2003 (1993)
With the help of two new friends, a young man learns everything there is to know about things not taught in school. 104 min.
Call number: DVD stra
Talk To Her / Hable con Ella
Director: Pedro Almodóvar
In a private clinic Barco and Benigno strike up a friendship while caring for comatose women. 114 min.
Call number: DVD talk

Director: Carlos Suara
Set in Argentina. Tells the story of director Mario Suarez’s quest to make the ultimate tango film. Lonely after his wife has left him, Mario must find the themes that will hold the film together, while simultaneously permitting his musicians and dancers the freedom of expression that is necessary to satisfy the tango-hungry Argentine audience. Things become complicated when Mario falls in love with Elena, a beautiful and talented young dancer who is the girlfriend of the powerful and dangerous Angelo Larroca, an investor in the picture. 115 min.
Call number: DVD tang

Thesis / Tesis
Director: Alejandro Amenábar
Set in Spain. Angela is preparing a thesis on violence and the media. Figueroa, her project director, accidentally discovers a film and on the following day he turns up dead. Angela’s curiosity gets her in up to her neck.
Call number: DVD tesi

Tres Mujeres
Director: Raúl Araiza Cadena
2005 (1999)
Greta, Fatima, and Barbara, a mother and her two daughters, seem to have everything they could ever want – but do they? The complex, troubled lives of these three women are laid bare in this acclaimed telenovela. 555 min.
Call number: DVD tres

Three Birds / Tres Pajaros
Director: Carlos María Jaureguialzo
2006 (2002)
Gustavo is a brilliant and ambitious young man. Mariel is a savage and mysterious beauty. Salinas is Mariel’s ruffian partner. Destiny will bring these three together in an isolated motel in the middle of the desert, where their lives will change forever.
Call number: DVD tres

The Last Train / El Ultimo Tren
Director: Diego Arsuaga
2004 (2000)
Hollywood producers decide to purchase an antique locomotive in Uruguay. While the news is welcomed by many locals, members of the ’Friends of the Railroad Association’ are not happy and decide to sabotage the sale. 93 min.
Call number: DVD ulti

Vacas / Cows
Director: Julio Medem
2001 (1992)
A saga spanning over half a century of the twisted goings on between families in Northern Spain. From the Carlist Wars of 1875 to the Spanish Civil War in the thirties, the fathers, sons and grandsons are locked in an absurdly stubborn and emotionally exhausting conflict. Sometimes there seems to be no escape from how family ties dictat our fate. 96 min.
Call number: DVD vaca

La Virgen de la Lujuria / The Virgin of Lust
Director: Arturo Ripstein
2005 (2000)
Based on the story “La verdadera historia de la muerte de Francisco Franco” by Max Aub. Nacho is obsessed with Lola. Lola, however, is obsessed with two other men: one a famous Mexican wrestler and the other a Spanish dictator whom she wants killed. Between Lola and the anti-Franco Trotskyites who frequent his café, Nacho may be losing touch with reality – his actions will surely tell. 140 min.
Call number: DVD virg

Director: Pedro Almodóvar
2005 (2000)
Raimunda lives in Madrid with her daughter Paula and her drunk husband Paco. Her sister, Sole, is separated and works clandestinely as a hairstylist for women. Years ago, in the sisters birth village, they lost their parents in a fire in La Mancha. Their aunt, Paula, still lives in the village and continues to speak about her sister Irene, mother of the two sisters, as if she were still alive. When the old aunt dies the situation changes and the past returns(volver). 121 min.
Call number: DVD volv

Waiting List / Lista de Espera
Director: Juan Carlos Tabío
2004 (2000)
A rundown bus station in rural Cuba becomes the backdrop for romance and miracles in Juan Carlos Tabio’s blend of magical realism and social commentary. 121 min.
Call number: DVD wait

Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown /Mujeres al borde de un ataque de “nervios”
Director: Pedro Almodóvar
2007 (1988)
Comedy film about a woman who has been jilted by the love of her life, her friend who discovers her lover is a a Shiite terrorist, and her ex-lover’s crazed wife. 89 min.
Call number: DVD wome

Equis / X
Director: Luis Mariás
2005 (2002)
What do you do if you are a homicide detective assigned to a case in which you become a prime suspect? Even worse, what if you are unable to remember if you are guilty or not? Find out in this intense Spanish thriller. 94 min.
Call number: DVD x

Y Tu Mamá También
Director: Alfonso Cuarón
Julio and Tenoch are two teens ruled by raging hormones and a mission to consume exotic substances. But one summer, the boys learn more about life than they bargain for when they set off on a wild cross-country trip with seductive, 28 year-old Luisa.
Call number: DVD ytum


VHS tapes in Spanish

Director: Orlando Jiménez-Leal
1998 (1992)
Cuba under Castro’s rule is brought to light in this reconstruction of the 1989 trial and subsequent execution on charges of drug trafficking of General Arnaldo Ochoa Sánchez
Call number: VHS PN 1997 .E54 1998

Drop the Curtain / Abajo el Telón
Director: Miguel M. Delgado
1987 (1955)
90 min., b&w.
Call number: VHS PN 1995 .A22

Bitter Sugar / Azucar Amarga /
Director: Leon Ichaso
A love story set against the political and economic tensions of contemporary Havana. 102 min., b&w.
Call number: VHS PN 1997 .A97

The Brute / El Bruto
Director: Luis Buñuel
In Mexico, a slaughter-house worker who is hired to break a tenant strike accidentally kills one of the strikers. 81 min., b&w.
Call number: VHS PN 1995.9 .B78

Canciones de Mi Padre: Linda Ronstadt
Call number: VHS M 1683.18 C35 1992

Mama’s Letters / Cartas de Mamá
Director: Julio Sempere
Story from a novel by Julio Cortbazar. In Spanish; segments in French
Call number: VHS PQ 7797.C7145

Colleagues / Colegas
Director: Eloy de la Iglesia
2000 (1982)
Antonio and Jose have drifted into the jobless, idle lifestyle of the young-in-waiting When Antonio’s sister becomes pregnant by José, his best friend, a chain of events is set in motion that will indelibly change all of their young lives. A candid study of contemporary teen friendships in Madrid with probing insights into Spain’s new “lost generation.”.
Call number: VHS PN 1997 .C654

The Black Privateer / El Corsario Negro
Director: Chano Urueta
Love, action and adventure figure in this film of pirates, treachery, double identity and vengeance, starring the legendary Pedro Armendariz and the beautiful Maria Luisa Zea. 84 min., b&w. Mexican classics cinema (old, poor film quality).
Call number: VHS PN 1997 .C66

Director: Maria Novaro
A Mexican woman discovers love and passion.
Call number: VHS PN 1995.9 .L6 D35

Don Quijote
Director: Manuel Gutierrez Aragon
The adventures of the legendary Don Quixote and his companion Sancho Panza. Five volumes.
Call number: VHS PQ 6329 .A3

Director: Ruy Guierra
An adolescent girl accidentally burns down her grandmother’s house and becomes a prostitute in order to make restitution. An erotic, black comedy, laden with surreal prankishness and political allegory. A Garcia Marquez adaptation. 105 min.
Call number: VHS PN 1997 .E738

The Fable of the Beautiful Pigeon Fancier / Fábula de la Bella Palomera
Director: Ray Guerra
Set on a panoramic Brazilian beach, this film confronts the sexual and social tensions between classes in the romantic story of a wealthy aristocrat’s obsessive desire. Based on the novel, Love in the Time of Cholera, by Gabriel García Márquez.
Call number: VHS PN 1997 .F32

The Grandfather
Director: José Luis Garci
When news of his son’s death returns proud, old Count Albrit home to Spain after years abroad, he’s pleased to meet his two charming young granddaughters. But he also carries the burden of a newly discovered family secret: one of the girls is not his son’s daughter, and therefore not his true heir! Based on Galdós novel. 146 min.
Call number: PN 1997 .G736

The Green Wall / La Muralla verde
Director: Armando Robles Godoy
1990 (1970)
A young couple forsake their urban existence for life in the exciting but dangerous Peruvian jungle. Poor print. 110 min.
Call number: VHS PN 1997 .M9

The Man of the Pink Corner / El Hombre de la Esquina Rosada
Director: Miguel Picazo
1996 (1961)
On independence day a killer is pardoned and released from prison, so he can be murdered by his victim’s friends. 55 min. Borges adaptation; not recommended!
Call number: VHS PN 1997 .H5992 1996

Home Alone 3
Director: Raja Gosnell
1998 (1997)
Dubbed into Spanish from the original English.
Call number: VHS PN 1997.H55

I Don’t Want to Talk About It / De Eso No Se Habla
Director: Maria Luisa Bemberg
A sophisticated world traveller retires to a small town and is drawn to a much younger woman. The smartest, most talented woman in town, she is in many ways a perfect match for him. But, because she is a dwarf, she has been sheltered by her overprotective mother from the realities of life. Set in Argentina. 121 min.
Call number: VHS PN 1997 .D447

Jamón Jamón
Director: Bigas Luna
1994 (1993)
Set in Spain. Hilarious, sexy, and complex story of two young lovers, the pregnant Sylvia and her lover José Luis. When they announce their plan to wed, his mother hires the town’s sexiest man to break up the marriage. Naturally, nothing goes as planned.
Call number: VHS PN 1995.9 .F67 J35

Jaws, The Revenge
Director: Joseph Sargent
Spanish language version.
Call number: VHS PN 1997 .J38

Jose de Larra: Articulos de Costumbres.
80 min. Films for the Humanities.
Call number: VHS PN 1997 .G657

Director: Pedro Almodóvar
A dizzy dame hairdresser, Kika, gets involved with a host of unusual characters: a homicidal expatriate Yank writer, Nicholas, and his bewildered stepson, Ramon, an uncommunicative underwear photographer; a vampish, oddball femme tv reporter, Andrea, who’s constantly on the lookout for “reality” scoops and who wears a rubber suit with a revolving video camera mounted on her head; a lesbian maid, Juana, and her mentally-deficient convicted rapist brother, Pablo, who escaped while on parole from prison to attend a religious festival in his home town. 109 min.
Call number: VHS PN 1997 .K4163 1995

Knocks at My Door / Golpes a Mi Puerta
Director: Alejandro Saderman
1998 (1993)
A deadly encounter between two nuns and the military police reflect the turbulent times in Latin American society. Based on the play by Juan Carlos Gené. 105 min.
Call number: PN 1997 .G657

Letters from Alou / Las Cartas de Alou
A story of African immigrants in Spain. 100 min.
Call number: VHS PN 1997 .L488

Letters from the Park / Cartas del Parque
Director: Tomas Gutierrez Alea
1991 (1988)
Two shy young lovers enlist the help of the local poet to write passionate letters to each other, but soon the woman becomes the object of the poet’s affection, and all are faced with a perplexing dilemma. Excellent García Márquez adaptation. 85 min.
Call number: VHS PQ 8180.17 .A73 C37

Love, the Magician / El Amor Brujo
Director: Carlos Saura
Set in a Spanish gypsy encampment, a story, embellished with many dances, of a woman enthralled, even beyond his death, by a husband who cheats on her; another man, who has loved her passionately since adolescence, tries to break the spell. 100 min.
Call number: VHS PN 1997 .A415

Mama Turns 100 / Mama Cumple 100 Años
Director: Carlos Saura
Tells the story of the 100th birthday celebration of the great matriarch at her baronial country estate. Gathered together to celebrate this momentous occasion are Mama’s wacky children, who are now plotting to make this birthday her last. 98 min.
Call number: VHS PN 1995.9 .C55

María Candelaria
Director: Emilio Fernandez
1987 (1943)
Old, poor quality. 101 min., b&w.
Call number: VHS PN .M375

Director: Angelino Fons
1987 (1972)
The story of a disfigured orphan who serves as a guide to a young handsome blind man named Pablo. When Pablo recovers his eyesight, Marianela’s fragile world is shattered. Based on a novel by Galdós. 108 min.
Call number: VHS PQ 6555 .M2

The Official Story / La Historia Oficial
Director: Luis Puenzo
The wife of a businessman finds herself face to face with terror as she begins to discover that her own daughter, adopted at birth, may have been stolen. 112 min.
Call number: VHS PN 1995.9 .F4 H57 1986

Open Your Eyes / Abre los Ojos
Director: Alejandro Amenábar
1999 (1997)
Set in Spain, with Penelope Cruz. In this steamy, intriguingly complex, psychological thriller the line between reality and fantasy is hopelessly blurred. César tries to make sense of his life after a car crash leaves his once-handsome face grotesquely disfigured. After he is placed into a psychiatric penitentiary for a murder he doesn’t remember committing, César’s only hope is to delve into the depths of his subconscious mind where the answer to ending his living nightmare lies in his dreams. 108 min.
Call number: VHS PN 1997 .A24 1999

The Other Cuba / La otra Cuba
Director: Orlando Jiménez-Leal
Recounts the political history of Cuba from Batista’s coup d’etát to the Mariel exodus, and interviews Cuban exiles. Narration in English, interviews in Spanish with English subtitles. 94 min.
Call number: VHS F 1788 .O84

Portrait of Teresa / Retrato de Teresa
Director: Pastor Vega
1980 (1979)
Teresa is a housewife and mother whose involvement in political and cultural groups incurs the displeasure of her husband. 103 min.
Call Number: VHS PN 1997.R47 V4 1980

Skyline / Linea del Cielo
Director: Fernando Colomo
A Spanish photographer goes to New York to seek fame and fortune. 84 min.
Plot summary from
Call number: VHS PN 1997 .L56 1994

Spirit of the Beehive / El Espiritu de la Colmena
Director: Víctor Erice
1988 (1973)
After the Civil War, a Spanish family lives in retreat in the countryside. When a traveling cinema truck comes to their village, two little sisters are profoundly affected by viewing the old film, Frankenstein. The younger girl becomes so obsessed with its images and story that she tries to recreate it in reality. 93 min.
Plot summary from
Call number: VHS PN1997 .S65 1988

Stand and Deliver / Con Ganas de Triumfar
Director: Ramon Menendez
Story of Jaime Escalante, a math teacher at East Los Angeles Garfield High School, who refuses to write off his inner-city students as losers. Escalante pushes and inspires 18 students who were struggling with math to become math whizzes. 103 min.
Plot summary from
Call number: VHS PN 1997 .C66

Strawberry & Chocolate / Fresa y Chocolate
Director: T. Gutiérrez Alea
Set in Cuba. A young college kid meets a writer and a passionate woman who teach him the things that aren’t taught in school. 104 min.
Plot summary from
Call number: VHS PN 1995.9 .C55 F69

The Summer of Miss Forbes / El Verano de la señora Forbes
Director: Jaime Humberto Hermosillo
Written by Gabriel García Márquez. Miss Forbes is a governess hired to look after two boys whose parents have taken a six-week vacation. By day, she runs the household with oppressive discipline, prompting the boys to fantasize about her brutal murder. By night, she parades around the house naked, drunk on tequila. The boys spy on her nighttime binges and her attempted seduction of their scuba teacher. But even their plans for her death are not as grim as her ultimate fate. 87 min.
Plot summary from
Call number: VHS PN 1997 .S85

El Super
Director: Leon Ichaso
1998 (1979)
The trials of a homesick exiled Cuban who labors as an apartment-house super in Manhattan. Hidalgo-Gato is excellent as a comically sad outsider, still in transit after a decade away from his homeland. 80 min.
Plot summary from
Call number: VHS PN 1995.9 .L4

Thesis / Tesis
Director: Alejandro Amenábar
Set in Spain. Angela is preparing a thesis on violence and the media. Figueroa, her project director, accidentally discovers a film and on the following day he turns up dead. Angela’s curiosity gets her in up to her neck.
Plot summary from
Call number: PN 1997 .T475 1999

Tierra / Earth
Director: Julio Menem
Angel is called in to fumigate the land after a plague of woodlice imparts a distinctive, earthy taste to the wine. He falls in love with the married Angela while lusting after Mari, women reflective of his own split personality. 118 min.
Plot summary from
Call number: VHS PN 1997 .T547

Under the New Law / Nueba Yol III: bajo la nueva ley
Director: Angel Muñiz
Balbuena, an illegal immigrant living in New York City, faces deportation under a new immigration law if he cannot prove himself a legal resident before “Black Tuesday,” the day the new law goes into effect. Balbuena resorts to a green-card wedding in order to become legal and then faces the challenge of proving the authenticity of his marriage to a doubting and persistant immigration official.
Plot summary from
Call number: VHS PN 1997. N843

Up to a Certain Point / Hasta Cierto Punto
Director: Tomas Gutierrez Alea
This clever self-reflexive satire about the battle of the sexes in contemporary Cuba tells the story of an educated, liberal filmmaker who, in doing research for a film about the social problem of machismo in Cuban society, finds himself falling in love with the sexy, liberated Lina, a pioneering female dockworker.
Plot summary from
Call number: VHS PN 1997 .H384

What Have I Done to Deserve This? / Que he Hecho Yo Para Merecer Esto?
Director: Pedro Almodóvar
1988 (1984)
Set in Spain. Gloria, a very resourceful working class housewife, is a true feminist heroine who’s on the go 18 hours a day, trying to keep her outrageously wacky family afloat.
Plot summary from
Call number: VHS PN 1995.9 .F67 Q8 1988

A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings
Director: Fernando Birri
Based on a story by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Amid the debris of a Columbian cyclone lands a man whose seemingly miraculous anatomy attracts the curious and devout from around the world. Silent and disheveled, this fantastical “creature” is housed in a chicken coop as onlookers wait for his heavenly message which turns out to be a very mixed blessing. 90 min.
Plot summary from
Call number: VHS Q 8180.17 .A73

Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown
Director: Pedro Almodóvar
Spain. A woman is in love with a terrorist. 88 min.
Plot summary from
Call number: VHS PN 1997 .W65

DVD’s not in Spanish with Spanish Cultural Content

L’Auberge Espagnole / The Spanish Apartment
Director: Cédric Klapisch
When Xavier, a straight-laced French college senior, moves to Barcelona as part of a student exchange program, he shares cramped quarters with students from all over Europe. Xavier gets a hilarious, eye-opening lesson on how to live, love, laugh…party!
Call number: DVD lau

Directors: Alan Parker
Set in Argentina. The riveting true-life story of Eva Peron, who rose above childhood poverty and a scandalous past to achieve unimaginable fame and fortune. See also the VHS “Evita: The Woman Behind the Myth,” in the library stacks.
Call number: DVD PN 1997 .E958 1998

Director: Julie Taymor
2003 (2002)
Set in Mexico.
Profiles the life of artist Frida Kahlo, from her humble upbringing to her worldwide fame and controversy.
Call number: DVD PN 1997 .F753 2003

The Postman / Il Postino
Director: Michael Radford
2000 (1994)
Set in Italy. The postman, Mario, enlists the aid of the poet Pablo Neruda to conquer the heart of the beautiful Beatrice.
Primarily in Italian.
Call number: DVD post

Truly Madly Deeply
Director: Anthony Minghella
In this romantic comedy, a young woman’s world falls apart when her boyfriend dies. When he unexpectedly returns to life as a ghost, she must choose between the man she truly, madly, deeply loved–and a new man who is truly, madly, deeply alive. Set in London; minor Spanish-language subplot. Dialogue is in English, French and Spanish, with English, French and Spanish subtitles. 107 min.
Call number: DVD PN 1997 .T785

VHS tapes not in Spanish with Spanish Cultural Content

The Disappearance of Garcia Lorca
Director: Marcos Zurinaga
An epic about the Spanish Civil War and the murder of Federico Garcia Lorca. Years later, a young journalist is determined to discover who pulled the trigger and one of the facists is still willing to do anything to hide the truth. 114 min.
Call number: VHS PQ 6613 .A763 Z647752

Thunder Over Mexico / Que Viva Mexico
Director: Sergei M. Einstein
1985 (1931-32)
A video document of the history of Mexico, presented in four novellas: Sandunga, an exposition of Tehuantepec jungles and the peaceful lifestyles of their inhabitants; Manguei, a love story about a poor peon and his bride; Fiesta, devoted to bullfighting and romantic love; and Soldadera, a portrayal of the 1910 revolution in Mexico as depicted in the frescoes of Sigueiros, Rivera, and Orosco. Russian narration, English subtitles. 85 min., b&w.
Call number: VHS PN 1997 .Q37 1985