1. How do I print?

• From your computer, go to File and print. Make sure the LRC Ref MP C3300 printer is selected.
• If you want color prints, go to Properties and change the “Black and White” to “color.”
• Once the appropriate printer options are selected, hit OK.
• A box will appear that will prompt you for a Release Key, enter your release key (ex. 1234, any combination of numbers, no letters).
• After you have entered the Release Key and clicked okay, another box will pop up that will calculate the cost. Black and White prints/copies are $0.08/page. Color copies/prints are $0.45/page. Hit Accept if the amount is correct.
• At the G-card reader, swipe your card, with your picture facing away from you. After it accesses your information, select Print (F1 button).
• Enter release code (you assigned this at your workstation) and Press Enter Key.
• Select the desired print job(s) from the list and press Enter Key.
• Press F3 button when finished.

2. As a student, how many free prints do I receive?

• Undergraduates receive $8 for printing per fiscal year
• Graduate Students receive $1.60

3. How do I “Add a printer”?

• Click on the Start button at the bottom left-hand corner of the screen.
• Go to “Devices and Printers”
• Click on “Add a printer”
• Select “add network printer”
• Select “the printer I want isn’t listed”
• Type \\srv-pt01\ in the box and select the LRC printer (any LRC printer will work)

4. Can I renew items online?

• Yes. You may access your account by going to the library’s home page: http://www.georgetowncollege.edu/library/
• Click on My Account below the Search bar
• It will then open another window which will ask you for your barcode which is your g-card number, including the zeros. Also, it will ask you for your last name.
• Once you submit your g-card number and last name, it will take you to your account which will list any items that you currently have checked out.
• You may renew the items by either choosing “Select All” or by clicking on each item individually. Once selected, you will click on “Request Renewal.” It will then list the updated due date.

5. Can Scott County residents use the computers?

• Scott County residents may use the computers if they can provide a valid driver’s license or college-issued patron card. They must sign in at the Circulation desk to have a library worker log them in.
• At the initial visit, the patron must complete an Internet Usage Agreement form and must provide a valid ID.
• Scott County patrons are unable to print in the LRC unless they purchase a G-card. If a resident would like to pay with cash for a print job, they may email the print job to IKON@georgetowncollege.edu and pick it up at Publishing & Duplicating in the Craille Student Center.

6. My username/password is not allowing me to log on to the computer, what should I do?

• Make sure the domain is set at FAST
• Make sure you have entered your username and password correctly (username/password are case sensitive)
• Your username should be the first initial of your first name, then the first 5 letters of your last name and then either 0, 1, or 2.
• The password that ITS will designate for you will be the first 3 letters of your middle name and the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number, unless you have changed your password.
• If you are still unable to log in, please contact ITS at 502-863-4357

7. How do I put money on my g-card for printing?

• Visit the Business Office or call 502-863-7022
• Visit the basement level of the Craille Student Center where there is a machine that you may put cash in to send to your G-Card
• Paying online using a credit card at: gcard.georgetowncollege.edu
       i. Accepts Mastercard, American Express, and Discover

8. How do I scan to an email? How much does it cost?

• Scanning a document and emailing it is FREE.
• At the copier machine, select “Scan”
• Then choose “Manual Entry”
• Enter your email address and choose OK
• Place the document on the screen and choose “Start”
• After you have scanned the first page, you will have the option of continuing with another page or completing the job.
• If you are finished, simply click the #/Enter button
• If you wish to scan another page, place the page on the screen and select “Start”
• You will have 60 seconds to scan the next page
• When you are finished scanning pages, you will choose the # button.