Policies and Access

Collection Donation Policy


The Archives and Special Collections at Georgetown College have a priority of preserving and making available information and artifacts pertinent to the College’s history and related local history.  Housed in the LRC, the primary collection interest is unpublished materials such as photographs, scrapbooks, letters and business papers, and a small collection of objects and other published materials.

The published materials fit into two distinct classes: rare books and books with a connection to the college.  The rare books are stored mainly for preservation purposes.  The other category includes books on local history and books which were published by Georgetown College faculty or by the school itself. Other college publications include runs of the Georgetonian (campus newspaper 1897-present) and the Belle of the Blue (college annual published until 2007).

Scope of collection interests
Due to our limited space and resources, the archives at Georgetown College are only interested in collecting materials relevant to the College, Scott County, and the city of Georgetown.  If your materials fall outside of this scope, we will recommend a more appropriate home for them, where they are more likely to be sought out by researchers and other interested persons.

The loan of items from the Archives and Special Collections is prohibited except in circumstances where the condition and protection of the materials is assured (such as exhibitions, with appropriate insurance agreements). These circumstances are to be determined by the Archives and Special Collections coordinator.

Donation Process
Before making a donation, please box all materials and provide a checklist or inventory of contents. Please note: items that have live mold or insect issues should be stored in airtight plastic bags or containers and may be refused due to dangers posed to the collection.  To deliver items, please contact the archives coordinator for an appointment and to answer any questions you might have.  Upon arrival, you will receive a Deed of Gift form which gives Georgetown College the right to make your materials available for use.

As per the Library Gifts Policy: “Books and other library materials given to the LRC become the property of the Library. The Library will add to its collections all gift material that supports the research and teaching mission of the college….Any materials which upon receipt are found to be so deteriorated as to make them unfit for use will be discarded” or returned.  Your gift will be acknowledged with a thank you note; if you would like, we can also provide a summary of the materials once it becomes available.

Tax Status
All material gifts to the LRC are considered non-cash charitable donations.  The library and archives are unable to provide appraisals.  Persons wishing to take their donation as a tax deduction should have a private appraisal done prior to donating the materials.  Donors should consult their tax advisor in all cases, as the tax code regarding charitable donations is revised frequently.

Monetary Gifts
The LRC archives also welcome monetary gifts to support its collection and preservation efforts.  Potential gifts should be referred to the Library Director. Additionally, the Archives Coordinator, and/or the Head of Technical Services are able to provide a list of specific needs of the Archives.


Collections Access

All researchers visiting the Archives will be asked to fill out a visitor registration form to ensure responsible use of the College’s rare materials. This form asks you to agree to the following recommendations:

  • Absolutely no food or beverages will be permitted in the Archives and Special Collections.
  • The only writing materials permitted are #2 lead pencils.  If needed, one will be provided for you.
  • Backpacks, purses and other bags must be left near the entrance doors or with a staff member. While staff are available in the Archives and the space is a secure area, Georgetown College does not retain liability for any items lost or missing while accessing archived materials.
  • To view materials, please fill out a request form and submit it to an archives staff member.
  • If you are viewing photographic materials, you will be asked to wear cotton gloves, which we will provide for you.
  • To obtain photocopies or scans of materials, please see a staff member. Any requests for copying from rare or fragile items should be considered initially on conservation grounds and can be denied due to the condition. Please note: a small fee may be required to cover costs.
  • If you need a copy for commercial use, please see the Archives Coordinator about copyright; Georgetown College owns the rights to the unpublished materials in its archival collections.  The rights to published materials in the archival collections are owned by the original creator.  Users are responsible for determining the copyright status of the material before any use which would not be covered by the Fair Use Clause of the U.S. Copyright Law (sections 107-118).
  • When accessing the collections, please take care to leave materials in the same order in which you found them.
  • If you come across an item which cannot be safely handled, please notify staff who will attempt to make a use copy if at all possible.

If you have questions about these policies, or have a special request, please contact the Archives Coordinator.