Is GC Spanish Immersion right for me?

IEGC students come from a variety of backgrounds. The program seeks applicants who are committed to improving their Spanish fluency and learning about language and culture in new ways. Students who excel in Inmersión courses are generally those who :

  • have an intermediate to high level of proficiency, meaning that you can
    • converse with ease about routine tasks and in social situations
    • narrate and describe events using major tenses
    • be understood by native speakers
  • have taken upper-level Spanish coursework OR have had advanced practice in the language in another context. For example, if you are a native speaker or grew up speaking in the home.
  • are committed to learning and living the language, as well as actively participating in program-sponsored cultural and community-based events
Is my Spanish good enough?

If you have not yet reached this level of proficiency, but are committed to improving your Spanish through your participation in the program, please contact our program director, Beth Purdy. You may be eligible for conditional acceptance, meaning that you can join the program but will be asked to take language classes through the Spanish Department before being allowed to enroll in full Immersion courses.

Is there an interview?

At present, IEGC does not require an oral interview. Admittance is based on the student’s previous experience with the language, the written essay, and the interest expressed in the program