Oxford Application

Scholarship Information

The Oxford Honors Scholars Program was founded to allow selected Honors Program students to combine the best of an American liberal arts honors education with elements of the OxfordUniversity tutorial method of teaching and learning. Up to 20 Oxford Honors Scholars will be selected to earn a yearly stipend of $1000 (above and beyond other academic awards) provided the recipients maintain a minimum 3.3 grade point average and make satisfactory progress towards the completion of the Oxford Honors Program elements. In addition, Oxford Honors Scholars would be eligible for an additional scholarship which would cover all tuition and housing costs should they decide to pursue study at Oxford in the junior or senior year.

To be considered, students must submit a completed application for admission and complete the separate Oxford Honors Scholars application postmarked no later than February 1st. Recipients will be notified in March, and acceptance of the scholarship will be expected no later than May 1st.

Important Notes:

• For more information about the Oxford Honors Scholars Program and the Honors Program in general, consult  online resources.

• Students who lack the relevant disciplinary interests mentioned above or students who prefer to enter the Georgetown College Honors Program without Oxford Honors status should complete the regular Honors  Program application found here!

• Selection as an Oxford Honors Scholar will ensure excellent preparation should the student desire to study at Oxford through the Georgetown College Oxford Tutorial Program, but Oxford Honors Scholars are not required to apply for this separate program. In addition, since final admissions decisions regarding the Oxford Tutorial Program rest with the relevant faculties at Oxford University, selection as an Oxford Honors Scholar cannot guarantee admission to Oxford. For more information about the Oxford Tutorial Program,Click Here!

Scholarship Requirements

Students who are in their senior year of high school are eligible to apply if they:

• Have a cumulative un-weighted high school grade point average of 3.75 or higher.

• Scored a 28 or higher on the ACT or a comparable SAT score.

• Have an interest in majoring, minoring, or cultivating a strong elective concentration in one of the following disciplines: English Literature, Religion, Political Science, History, Art History, Philosophy, Economics, Mathematics, Sociology, Foreign Languages (Spanish, German, or French), Classics, or Psychology.

Current Georgetown College students
are eligible to apply if they:

• Meet all the conditions listed above.

• Have a cumulative college grade point average
of 3.3 or higher.