Online Master of Arts in Education with Special Education (LBD) Certification

The need is great for teachers committed to the highest quality of learning experiences and services for children with mild to moderate learning and behavior disorders (LBD). Georgetown College’s graduate students become a part of a professional learning community with outstanding, caring faculty, award-winning alumni, and state-wide school and community partners.

Moderate to Severe Disabilities

Program Highlights

  • Choose from 2 program options:
    • Initial /Alternative certification (for non-certified teachers)
    • Advanced certification (for teachers certified in areas other than LBD)
  • No prior education or LBD experience is required for program admission
  • All coursework is available online with the opportunity to begin the program at the beginning of any semester.
  • Courses are taught by experienced online professors who have extensive experience working in schools with LBD students.
  • Program may be completed in 2-2 ½ years, depending on number of courses taken each semester.
  • Students in the Alternative route program option are eligible to be hired by Kentucky school districts as an LBD teacher under a Temporary Provisional LBD P-12 certificate.
  • For students not employed in an LBD position, field experiences take place in schools in or near the candidate’s county of residence, with a local mentor teacher and Georgetown faculty providing on- and off-site support and feedback. Initial students are required to complete student teaching as their final field placement experience.

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