Inmersión en Español at Georgetown College

spanish immersion

The Inmersión en Español program (IEGC) helps students gain fluency in the language by taking some of their general education courses in Spanish. Studies demonstrate that immersion is the most effective method for learning a foreign language.

Luckily, Georgetown College students don’t have to travel far for this opportunity. IEGC participants can immerse themselves in the language on our campus by taking courses like Philosophy, Sociology, and Religion, taught entirely in Spanish.

IEGC also gives students the opportunity to use Spanish outside the classroom through community events, social activities, study abroad programs, and professional internships.


Students from a variety of backgrounds will benefit from this innovative program:
  • Heritage speakers of Spanish can maintain and improve their language skills while taking a wide variety of courses.
  • Native speakers of English can broaden their knowledge of Spanish in fields outside of the traditional language program.
  • Native speakers of Spanish can show their full potential in college level courses and further linguistic competency in multiple disciplines.

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