LBD teachers, Earn Your MSD Certificate Online in Just One Year

Effectively Reach Students with Moderate to Severe Disabilities.

Special needsThe United States Department of Education has annually designated Exceptional Children as a Kentucky teacher shortage area since the 1990-1991 school year. Earning an MSD certificate helps LBD-certified educators increase their skills, employability and earning potential. Our online, affordable classes, taught by experienced instructors, provide a flexible, personalized learning environment.

MSD Certification Program:

  • Requires 5 classes and 1 Praxis exam
  • Can be completed in one year as a stand-alone certificate
  • Can also be completed as part of the Master of Arts in Education Teacher Leader or Rank I School Improvement Programs
  • Is offered completely online (some field hours are required)
  • Provides exposure to P-12 continuum
  • Meets Council for Exceptional Children-Individualized Independent Curricula [IIC] National Standards

You can start as soon as this summer! Contact us today to learn more.

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