KHS majors have participated in several areas of research including the following research proposals/studies:

  • Comparison of Whey Protein and Soy Protein  when Testing for Muscular Strength Gains in College Baseball Players. Bo Eppinghoff
  • The Difference among  Sex Role Characteristics Between Professional
    and College-aged Baseball Players.
    . Erin Douglas
  • The Relationship of Alcohol Consumption on College Student’s GPA’s. Kayla Simpson.
  • Comparison of the Effects of Various Bench Press Exercises on the Muscle Activity of the Pectoralis Major. Ryan Blackerby, Brandon Blackerby, Josh Sato, and Jerome Gearlds.
  • The Prevalence of Eating Disorders Among Female College Basketball Players.  Julie Brawner
  • The Relationship between Hamstring and Quadriceps Strength on Chronic Hamstring Injuries among College Football Players. Hannah Howard, Hazelee Owens, Bennett Gatto, Greg Owen, and Greg Way.
  • Measuring Peak Isokinetic Torque Output: A Comparative Study on Collegiate Football Players. Matt Shansky and Rebecca Chesnut.