Major in Health Science

This mission of Georgetown College’s health science major is to advance the quality of life in our society by providing students with the knowledge, understanding, and skills needed to plan, implement , and evaluate health programs in schools, community organizations, healthcare organizations, and worksites.

(B.S. degree) Thirty-one hours in KHS, which must include KHS 180, KHS 214, KHS 220, KHS 304, KHS 306, KHS 310, KHS 320, KHS 400, KHS 405, KHS 410 and KHS 452 plus six hours of electives from any of the following KHS courses- KHS 185, KHS 200, KHS 315, KHS 322, KHS 324, KHS 423, KHS 435, KHS 460, or KHS 470. Students may not enroll in more than 3 hours of internship. Allied courses include BIO 100 or 111 and either PSY 211 or MAT 111. Total required hours: 44 or 46.