Effective Password Management

The Georgetown College ITS department has multiple layers of defense against computer-based threats.  Anti-malware and anti-virus software, firewalls, proxy servers… All of these help protect you from the myriad of threats that pop up with alarming regularity each day.  However, none of these countermeasures are effective without good
password management.  Below are some tips for […]

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Office 2013 is here!

The latest version of Microsoft’s Office 2013 productivity suite was released this past January, and with it comes several key changes.  Users will immediately notice the updated interface, with its minimalistic color schemes and upsized widgets dominating the workspace.  The interface is decidedly more text-driven and web-like in nature; this is most likely an […]

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Welcome to TigerTech!

TigerTech is the Georgetown College ITS department’s brand new email newsletter and blog!  In it you will find ITS news, tips, and tricks to make your computing experience more productive and satisfying.
For more articles and late-breaking news, visit the ITS website at at any time.

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“I Didn’t Send THAT!” — Spam and Spoofed Email Addresses

It may have happened to you already:  You get an email from a colleague or close friend asking why you’re suddenly spamming them.  They seem upset (or at least confused); “did I do something to make you mad?”  You attempt to assure them that you in-fact did not send them the offending email, but […]

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