I’m thinking about buying a computer…

Buying a computer can be quite an ordeal. We often get questions in the ITS department about personal technology purchases…  “What’s the best? …How much do I need?  …What’s a good price?” The options are overwhelming.
Fortunately, we can offer a few tips to make the process a little easier.
NOTE:   This article does NOT […]

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Back it up! Easy things you can do to preserve your data

Your cold fingers can barely lift themselves off your keyboard to pick up the phone and call ITS… You’ve checked, re-checked, and checked yet again… The files are GONE.  Now what?
Fortunately, the ITS department has state-of-the art backup facilities protecting your data for you.  Provided you notify us promptly, we can recover lost or […]

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Need Equipment? We’ve got it!

Put that credit card away!
Before you run out and buy a new digital camera or projector,  check with us first.  The ITS department has a substantial inventory of technology equipment available for check-out.  This equipment includes:

Digital Cameras
DVD Players
Digital Projectors
Extension Cords
Teleconference Phone
Projector Screens
Sound Cables
VHS Player

Checking-out equipment
Equipment checkouts/reservations are done through the portal (  To complete […]

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Effective Password Management

The Georgetown College ITS department has multiple layers of defense against computer-based threats.  Anti-malware and anti-virus software, firewalls, proxy servers… All of these help protect you from the myriad of threats that pop up with alarming regularity each day.  However, none of these countermeasures are effective without good
password management.  Below are some tips for […]

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Office 2013 is here!

The latest version of Microsoft’s Office 2013 productivity suite was released this past January, and with it comes several key changes.  Users will immediately notice the updated interface, with its minimalistic color schemes and upsized widgets dominating the workspace.  The interface is decidedly more text-driven and web-like in nature; this is most likely an […]

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