When we get back…

When we return from our long holiday break, ITS will be hitting the ground running with some Office365 and Moodle upgrades to make your computing experience even better!
Office365 plan upgrades
We will be expanding our Office365 services to include enhanced SkyDrive and Office app capabilities.  You will now have access to web-based Office apps such […]

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Stay Safe with Emergency Notifications

Don’t let bad weather stop you in your tracks! With the college’s emergency notification system, emergency text notifications are just a few easy clicks away.  These text messages keep you informed of events as they develop and let you know when the situation is resolved.  Snow, fire, flood… You name it, these notifications will […]

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The internet’s down… Now what?

Although internet service disruptions at Georgetown College are few and far-between, Wednesday’s extended outage reminds us that the possibility is always with us.  Although this particular outage was caused by administrative problems at the third-party Internet Service Provider (ISP) and was totally outside the control of the ITS department, we’ve prepared some tips to […]

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Contained Forms in the Portal

“You can have data without information, but you cannot have information without data.”
-Daniel Keys Moran
One of the primary ways in which any organization collects data is via the form.  Forms can come in many shapes and sizes from the venerable pen and paper variety to online and automated ones.  Since the My.GC portal went […]

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Online Event Attendance Entry

Tired of having to collect student ID numbers by hand at Nexus events that you are sponsoring?  If so, ITS has the solution for you!  This past summer ITS developed an application to allow Nexus event sponsors to collect student ID numbers digitally by scanning their GCards.  To get started with scanning event attendees, […]

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