Access: GRANTED! Clearing-up Registration Clearance Problems

ITS has received a few reports of problems with entering registration clearances in the portal.  Here are a couple of the most common problems reported, as well as how to work around them.
You do not have permissions to view any advisees that match the selected criteria

Make sure the correct term is selected in the […]

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Watch out… This POODLE bites!

You may have heard about the POODLE computer vulnerability that was discovered earlier this month.  Don’t let the laughably-benign name fool you;  POODLE is actually a cringe-inducing acronym: “Padding Oracle On Downgraded Legacy Encryption”.  Boring-story-short, this exploit works by taking advantage of obsolete yet widely-used security protocols (SSL 3.0, by name) to conceivably pilfer […]

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SAGE is getting a new look!

Soon SAGE will be getting a digital makeover! Within the next week, we will be making changes to the overall look of SAGE.  Notice that I didn’t say “Look AND FEEL”… That’s on purpose. It is our intent to preserve the current functionality (“feel”) of SAGE while making it more visibly appealing and relevant […]

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Quick Phone and Fax Tips

As the school year starts, you will likely be corresponding with people via phone and fax.  Here are some basic tips to help you communicate efficiently and effectively with our telephony resources.
All About Caller ID
If you’ve ever had anyone ignore your office phone calls because they didn’t recognize your suspicious-looking “8000” number, you’re not […]

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After-hours Support is Changing

Effective Friday, 8/8/2014 at 5:00PM EST, ITS will no longer utilize Embanet for after-hours support.  We will, however continue to offer after-hours support for Moodle and basic computer account issues.  After 8/8, after-hours support will be available from 5:00PM-11:00PM, Sunday-Thursday.  You can contact after-hours support via one of the following methods:

On-campus Phone:
Extension 8600

Local Phone:
(502) […]

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