Including the Internet,  Email and Related Networks

Georgetown College provides access to appropriate available computing resources and to the Internet,  electronic mail and related networks to all faculty, students and staff who accept the following guidelines for use of computing resources.

1. The college provides computer resources and access to all computer networks for academic and administrative purposes. Georgetown College encourages its faculty, students, and staff to use its computer resources and these networks to perform their academic and professional activities. Use of these resources for other purposes should be by prior consent from the Information Technology Steering Committee. No computer or network resource should be used for illegal purposes.

2. Individual users will neither modify nor move from its installed location any college owned computing resource without prior approval from Information Technology Services.

3. Individual users remain responsible for the abuse of computing and network accounts assigned to them. It is not acceptable for users to interfere with or disrupt network users, services or system resources. Disruptions include, but are not limited to: creating or deliberately propagating computer worms or viruses; transmitting slanderous or harassing materials; transmitting gratuitously violent, pornographic or obscene information; or using a computer to gain unauthorized access to any computing facility either internal or external to the Georgetown College network.

4. The college owned computer facilities and access to networks are shared resources. Users are assigned account names and passwords. It is not acceptable to use an account assigned to someone else without explicit permission from the account’s owner. It is not acceptable to divulge passwords or email addresses without the explicit consent of the account’s owner. The college reserves the right to publish the Georgetown College Email Directory on the World Wide Web.

5. All files are private and confidential unless the author explicitly made them available to others. This is true even if the software system does not guarantee this confidentiality. It is not acceptable to copy any portion of a file created by someone else or to store such data in an account without the author’s explicit permission.

6. Individual users will respect all copyrights and licenses on computer software and data. It is not acceptable to execute, copy, or modify computer programs/data without the explicit permission of the author. Software provided by Georgetown College on its computer systems is licensed by the college and should not be copied for personal use, transferred to non-college owned equipment, or modified in any way.   This also includes illegal downloading or uploading of copyrighted material, including but not limited to games, movies or music.

7. Georgetown College reserves the right without notice to limit or restrict any individual user’s access and to inspect, remove or otherwise alter any data, file, or system resource that may undermine the authorized use of any college owned computing resource or access to the Internet,  electronic mail, or other related network service. The college also reserves the right to periodically check any system or take any other action necessary to protect its computing resources and access to these networks. The college disclaims responsibility for loss of data or interference with files resulting from its efforts to maintain the privacy and security of those computing resources or access to these networks. The college cannot guarantee protection against media failure or data loss.