The purpose of this policy is to set minimum hardware configuration guidelines supported by ITS and to provide assistance to those departments and individuals seeking to purchase computers for use at Georgetown College with network access.


Existing Computers:

  1. Pentium D 2.8 GHz
  2. 2.0 GB Ram
  3. 160 GB Hard Drive
  4. Microsoft Office 2007 or higher
  5. Microsoft Forefront Antimalware
  6. Microsoft Windows 7 or later
  7. Mac OSX 10.5
  8. Latest version of Adobe Flash Player
  9. Latest version of Java
  10. Internet Explorer 9.0 or higher
  11. Mozilla Firefox 21.0 or higher
  12. Safari 6.0 or higher
  13. Google Chrome 27.0 or higher

It is the intention of ITS to control the installed base of computers for the purpose of maintaining a minimal level of computer quality and support.  Computers not meeting the minimum standards may not be replaced or repaired by ITS.

Minimum New Purchases:

  1. Intel G620T 2.2GHZ
  2. 4.0 GB Ram
  3. 500 GB Hard drive
  4. Windows 7
  5. Microsoft Office 2010
  6. Microsoft Forefront Antimalware
  7. Mac OSX 10.7

 The ITS Help Desk will support any other operating system and software on a “Best Effort” basis.

 ITS Help Desk has a site license for Microsoft Office Professional, and Microsoft Antimalware. Both will be installed on any Georgetown College owned computer.

Policy Updated: 07/02/2013