Downloading the Microsoft Office Suite from Office365

As a Georgetown College student, you are entitled to download and install a full copy of Microsoft Office for Windows or OSX (Mac).  To download Office in 4 easy steps:

Login to webmail ( with your full e-mail address and password.
Click the gear icon , and select “Office365 Settings”.
On the left-hand side, select “Software”.
Office365 will […]

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Quick Phone and Fax Tips

As the school year starts, you will likely be corresponding with people via phone and fax.  Here are some basic tips to help you communicate efficiently and effectively with our telephony resources.
All About Caller ID
If you’ve ever had anyone ignore your office phone calls because they didn’t recognize your suspicious-looking “8000″ number, you’re not […]

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Your Y: Drive… It’s not just there for your health

Without mentioning any specific three-letter government agencies, hard-drive failures have been in the news lately. I recently came across an interesting article that mentions how data loss due to hard drive failure is still a huge problem for both businesses and individuals.  Here are some key points from this article:

From a survey, 66% of […]

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Periodic Password Changes Keep You Safe

I’ve mentioned before how choosing unique passwords and changing them periodically can help keep your account secure, but have you ever wondered why?  Today I’ll discuss the methods in which attackers attempt to compromise your system, and how password changes work to effectively thwart them.

When an attacker attempts to compromise your password, they will […]

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Windows, eXPired

After 12 years of reliable service, Windows XP is officially no longer supported by Microsoft as of April 8th, 2014.  While Windows XP will continue to function, it will no longer be supported at ALL by Microsoft.
I never call Microsoft, so do I really need support?
Not so fast;  we’re not just talking about problems […]

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