Instructions for Mapping a Network Share for windows 7 and vista:

Right mouse-click on “My Computer”( Either in the Start Menu or on your desktop depending on configuration).  If running Vista or Windows 7, right click on “Computer”.  From the pop-up menu left mouse click on “Map Network Drive”.

Control penal


Choose any drive letter that is not assigned to another drive. In this case I have chosen Z. In the text box beside “Folder” type the path to the shared drive using this format: \\servername\sharename.  In the example below, I have chosen reba as the servername and download as the sharename.  Ensure the box beside “Reconnect at logon” is checked, if you want it to reconnect every time you log onto the computer.  If you only want a temporary connection, do not check this box.  If your PC is a member of the domain, and you are logging directly into your PC with your domain credentials (user ID and password) you will not be prompted for a password, and can just click Finish.  However, students or faculty/staff with personal laptops, for example, will need to check the box labeled “Connect using different credentials.”  When you do, you will be prompted to enter your credentials, in the format: FAST\userid and password.  Then click Finish to continue with the mapping.

You will need to manually map this share on any computer you log onto where you need access to this share. Please keep in mind that the drive letter is used only to reference a shared folder and is not the name of the folder–you may call the same shared folder Z: while someone else calls it P:, so if you call ITS wanting to connect to a shared drive, we will ask you about the share name (download).  If you ask to be connected to the I: or Z: drive, we will not know the folder you  need.  Check with someone else in your department to find out what the actual shared folder name is.  They can follow the directions above and click on the arrow next to Drive: and see all of the actual shared folders they have mapped.

Shared folder