Without mentioning any specific three-letter government agencies, hard-drive failures have been in the news lately. I recently came across an interesting article that mentions how data loss due to hard drive failure is still a huge problem for both businesses and individuals.  Here are some key points from this article:

  • From a survey, 66% of those responding say they had lost data as the result of hard drive crashes or other hardware problems.
  • 27% of the businesses responding reported business disruption as a result of the data loss.
  • 15% of business users reported that they lost personal data from a work computer, while
  • 7 % said they lost business-related data from a home computer… BAAAADD!

If you would like to read the entire article, you can find it here.

Your Y: Drive protects you from all of these risks

Your Y: drive is backed-up nightly by ITS.  In addition, we retain 90 days of those backups, so even if you delete a file and don’t notice it for a week, we can still get to it.  But what happens if the backup is somehow destroyed?  No problem… We have a second backup of that backup that we keep available offsite for 7 days… How cool is that?

Now it should be mentioned that there is one tiny exception to our backup capabilities… We cannot backup a file that is created and then deleted between backup intervals.  For example, the backup runs at 11:00PM each night.  If you create a file at 10:00AM, and then accidentally delete it at 3:00PM the same day, the file is gone for good because the backup never had a chance to see it, and thus it was NEVER backed-up.  Make sense?

The Y: drive ensures the safety of your data, but this only works if you actually USE your Y: drive!  If you don’t have a Y: drive or don’t know how to access it, just let myself or the ITS helpdesk know and we will get you set up.