I’m sure most of you have heard of Butler University in Indianapolis:  A small, mid-western institution with a better basketball program than its size would indicate…  Sound vaguely familiar?

Well unfortunately last week it was announced that Butler had undergone a  large data breach that may have compromised the personal data of  approximately 163,000 individuals. In response, Butler is offering one year of free credit monitoring for ALL of the affected users… You can probably hear the CHA-CHING! of the cash register from here if you listen hard enough.  Add to this the fact that Kentucky has voted into law legislation that would REQUIRE similar compensatory measures if it happens to us!  Not a good situation to be in, for sure.

While some data breaches are so well-crafted that no practical security measures can stop them, common-sense safety measures go a long way in keeping our data secure.  Use a secure password… Change your password periodically.  If you would like to review some recommendations we have made on effective passwords, check out this article.

You may think it could never happen here, but I’m sure there are some people at Butler right now who would beg to differ.

Your password is going to expire soon

In response to these relentless threats, we have changed our password policy to require password changes every 90 days.  If you log in to the portal (https://my.georgetowncollege.edu), you will now see a clock that is counting down to your password’s expiration date.  You may change your password at any time from now until then.  If you do not change your password by then, don’t worry… You will be required to change your password on your first login after the time has lapsed.  Be aware, though,  that if you let your password expire, you may not have access to certain network services (such as Moodle, EventManager, etc.) until your password has been updated.

As always, if you need assistance, just contact myself or the ITS helpdesk at (502) 863-4357.