The ITS department strives to deliver superior service to all Georgetown College faculty, staff, and students.  While each member of our staff is more than capable of handling your service queries, it helps to know what each member of our staff specializes in to expedite your request.

The Helpdesk

Vince Sizemore is the Help Desk Coordinator.  Along with Bobbi Boblett (Help Desk Technician), they oversee helpdesk operations for the college.  Any personal or classroom hardware or software issues should be reported to the helpdesk.  The phone number is (502) 863-4357 and the email address is

Administrative Computing

The administrative computing section handles CARS/CX, the Georgetown College portal (, and business reporting.  Travis Hervey is the Manager of Administrative Computing, while Bill Goins is the Systems Programmer & Jenzabar – CX Coordinator and Colby McClung is the Programmer Analyst.  Additionally, phone system support is provided by Don Blakeman, the Associate Vice President of ITS.

Networking, Security, and Servers

James Holbrook is the Network Services Manager.  He is in charge of the network and security infrastructure of the college, as well as the servers. Reporting to the Network Services Manager is the Server Systems Manager, myself.


Brandon Moore is the college’s Director of Digital & Web Marketing.  He works with departments to maintain our main website ( and is responsible for web and online marketing.

Service Matrix

Below is a guide to specific roles that individuals in the ITS department fill.  NOTE:  This list is not exhaustive;  rather it is intended as a quick reference.


Vince SizemoreBobbi BoblettJames HolbrookScott SwitzerTravis HerveyBill GoinsBrandon MooreColby McClungDon Blakeman
Help Desk CoordinatorHelp Desk TechnicianNetwork Infrastructure & Security ManagerServer Systems ManagerManager of Administrative ComputingSystems Programmer & Jenzabar – CX CoordinatorDirector of Digital & Web MarketingProgrammer AnalystAssociate Vice President
Personal and Classroom Technology Hardware (PCs, Laptops, Monitors,Devices, Projectors, etc.)XX
Help with mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.)XX
Desktop software issues (MS Office, lab software)XXX
Phone System IssuesXX
Issues with the portal (
Issues with CARS/CXXXX
Eventmanager and Vehicle ReservationXXX
Issues with class e-mail listsXX
Network connectivity issues (Wireless and Wired)X
Virtual Private Network (VPN) issuesX
Data security issuesXX
Computer account issuesX
All other e-mail issuesX
Moodle issuesXX
File server issues (shares, permissions,etc.)X
Data recovery (lost files, folders, etc.)X
Any other server issuesX
Issues with main website ( and faculty website (
ITS Administrative and regulatory issuesX
ITS Bulletins/NewslettersX