If you’re in charge of your own budget, the portal has some tools to make your life a little easier!

The first tool is called “Budget Query”, and it is available on the Budget Query portal page under the Finances tab. Clicking the “Show Budget” link  allows you to drill-down and see Budgeted Amounts, Encumbered Amounts, Actual Expenditures and Remaining Amounts for any line inside of a functional area.  Clicking on “Show 2 Yr Comparison” will give you a two-year comparison of budgeted and spent amounts.  Additionally, clicking on “Show Amount Remaining by Object” will give you remaining amounts for each object that you manage.

The second tool on the Budget Query page is “Where did I pay that Vendor From?”  This tool allows you to find the account that you paid any vendor from in any of your accounts from any fiscal year.  Clicking “View Report” will prompt you for a fiscal year, after which a list of vendors paid with corresponding accounts will appear.  This is a powerful query, so “budget” a little time for it to run if you manage a lot of accounts!

One last tool on the Budget Query page is “Campus Organization Transactions”.  It allows organizational advisors and controlling members to see transactions into and out-of their accounts.

If you manage restricted donor accounts, the Development office also delivers detailed fund reports via e-mail.  These reports are delivered the day after new funds are posted.

This TigerTech is a little unusual in that I am asking people NOT to contact ITS if they have any questions! Not that we don’t enjoy hearing from you, but the Business Office is far-better suited to answer any budgetary questions you might have.  If you have any questions, please contact David Wilhite or Rachel Kirkland in the Business Office.

Have fun!