Although internet service disruptions at Georgetown College are few and far-between, Wednesday’s extended outage reminds us that the possibility is always with us.  Although this particular outage was caused by administrative problems at the third-party Internet Service Provider (ISP) and was totally outside the control of the ITS department, we’ve prepared some tips to help you deal with any future internet outages, should they occur:

1)      Step one:  Stay calm!  Internet disruptions are quite rare, and an outage of Wednesday’s magnitude and length is quite exceptional.  Most disruptions are limited in scope and are able to be resolved within a few minutes. In addition, inbound e-mail will still continue to traverse the internet and will be waiting on you when access is restored, so there’s no need to worry about lost e-mail.

2)      If you have a Mobile Broadband (aka “data”) plan on your mobile device, use it.  Turn off your

WiFi access to make sure that your device is not attempting to access the internet through the Georgetown College network.  After the outage is over, you can turn WiFi back on.

3)      Check your voice mail.  In the event of an outage, the ITS office will post updates via voice mail as the situation progresses.  To access your voice mail from off-campus, dial (502) 863-7000 and follow the prompts.

Reporting Outages

If you suspect that the internet is down, don’t hesitate to let ITS know!  Contact us by phone at (502) 863-4357 or in-person at the Cooke Memorial Building.