Tired of having to collect student ID numbers by hand at Nexus events that you are sponsoring?  If so, ITS has the solution for you!  This past summer ITS developed an application to allow Nexus event sponsors to collect student ID numbers digitally by scanning their GCards.  To get started with scanning event attendees, please contact Travis Hervey (travis_hervey@georgetowncollege.edu) to be setup in the system and receive a brief training session.


  • Quickly scan event attendees GCards using a wireless barcode scanner
  • Student’s pictures are displayed on screen when you scan their GCard allowing you to verify the identity of a student.
  • Easily upload the Nexus event attendees online
  • Online reporting and demographics about attendees are available

ITS currently has six tablets and barcode scanners available for checkout.  If the scanners are unavailable or you have a small event you can still use the software portion of the solution with any mobile device or laptop.

Do you have some other non-Nexus event that you want to take attendance at?  If so, let ITS know and we can likely configure the service to meet your needs as well.

If you are curious to see the devices in action, be sure to come to Convocation on Tuesday, August 27th.

For more details about getting setup to scan attendees at your events, please contact Travis Hervey in ITS at extension 8001 or via email at travis_hervey@georgetowncollege.edu