ITS buys a certain number of new computers every year.  The number purchased depends on the budget and the cost of the computers, so it’s not the same amount from year-to-year.  Our first priorities are keeping the ITS lab and classroom computers current.  These computers are the front-line of the student/faculty/technology interface.  Once these labs and classrooms are in good shape, older faculty and staff computers are replaced.  We then replace student worker and non-ITS lab machines when machines are available. The “reclaimed” computers are evaluated for continued viability;  if they are still useful, they are refreshed and re-deployed.  If not, they are retired.

Is your computer performing sub-par?  Most of the computers out there actually have adequate amounts of memory, disk space and CPU power, despite their dated cases.   If your computer’s lackluster performance is degrading your ability to get things done, then let us know.  If you would like to request a new computer, submit a request through the portal here, contact the helpdesk at (502) 863-4357,, or visit the ITS department in-person in the Cooke Memorial building.

Laptops, tablets, and other specialties

ITS is responsible for maintaining desktop computers for all faculty and staff.  If you need a laptop or high-end workstation, ITS will provide funds comparable to the cost of a new desktop (budget permitting).  The remainder of the cost will be the responsibility of the individual’s department.  Tablets (such as iPads, Kindle, Galaxy Tabs, etc.) are not provided by ITS and are the sole responsibility of the individual’s department.