As an F-1 student there are several guidelines you must follow to remain “in-status” (meet all of your visa requirements). These guidelines will be covered at International Student Orientation.

If you have any questions about your F-1 visa, contact Jason Snider.

Important Things to Know about your F-1 Visa

  • You must remain a full-time student
    • At Georgetown this means you must take at least 12 credit hours (we strongly recommend you take at least 15 – this way if you need to drop a class you are still full-time)
  • You are typically only allowed to work on campus (certain exceptions do apply – please see the Office of International Programs)
  • When traveling (even within the United States) you should always check-in with the Office of International Programs
  • Be sure to keep your documents up-to-date (especially be sure that your passport is not expired)
  • Your I-20 is not valid unless signed and these signatures do expire. ALWAYS be sure to check the signatures on your I-20 before leaving the United States (failure to do so may result in issues when re-entering the U.S.)
  • Be mindful of your program start and end dates

Campus DSO’s

Designated School Officials (DSO’s) sign your I-20 for travel and have access to your SEVIS record.

Jason Snider - Primary Designated School Official (PDSO)
Beth Purdy - Designated School Official (DSO)
Michelle Lynch - Back Up Designated School Official (DSO)

Important Links

US Department of State (F-1 Visa Overview) Homeland Security: Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (Maintaing Your Status) US Customs and Border Protection (Entering/Leaving the US) Study in the States (General Info) US Citizenship and Immigration Services