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Georgetown College has partnered with Cellhire to offer international students a budget-friendly, no-hassle cell phone solution. Cellhire offers cell phones and plans to students via purchase or rental. Click the logo to visit the Cellhire website.


Shopping for a Plan

If you choose not to utilize Cellhire you should keep the following mind when shopping for a cell phone and plan: coverage, monthly charges, minutes offered, required deposit, phone type, contract. The cellular (mobile) companies in Georgetown, KY are Sprint, CricketVerizon and AT&T; however, T-Mobile has locations in Lexington, KY.  Please go to their respective websites for more information.

Things to remember

  • You will have the opportunity to purchase and set up your cell phone during International Orientation
  • Most Georgetown College student’s have a cell phone and frequently send text messages – your cell phone is the most common way to communicate with other students
  • Data plans (internet on your cell phone) can be very expensive in the United States
  • It is very expensive to use your U.S. cell phone in your home country
  • You can sometimes use your cell phone from your home country in the U.S. – all you need to do is switch the SIM card
  • Be sure to mention that you are an International Student at Georgetown College when purchasing a phone – companies sometime provide student discounts