Total Cost for the 2015-2016 School Year: $42,990
Estimated Cost Per Semester: $21,495

  • Tuition: $34,280
  • Housing: $4,190 (standard dorm, dual occupancy)
  • Meals: $4,520

Average International Student Scholarship Package: $18,000

Average Yearly Out of Pocket Cost for International Students: $21,000 – $25,000

The costs above do not include health insurance (required for all international students), textbooks, transportation and other personal expenses. See “Other Costs” below. 


Academic Scholarships (2015-2016)
Need-Based Scholarships
Interest Based Scholarships
Athletic Scholarships

Other Costs

In addition to the costs listed above, students should expect the following estimated expenses:

  • Health Insurance – $1,300 per year
    • Billed with the Fall semester
  • Textbooks – $750 per semester
  • Travel Expenses (varies by student)
  • Personal Expenses (varies by student)
    • Expenses such as cell phone and cell phone plan, meals off campus, shopping, etc.