Financial Planning

Many students are concerned with the costs of studying abroad. However, the reality is that some international programs are actually less expensive than a semester on campus. Your financial aid package will probably apply for study abroad if the program you select is offered by one of the consortium programs to which Georgetown College belongs. It is less likely to apply to a summer program or non-consortium programs. Check with Beth Purdy and the Financial Aid Office to verify how much assistance you can expect. A limited amount of study abroad scholarship money is available. Please consult the Scholarships web page. In addition to program costs, you need to plan for additional money to cover airfare (if not part of the program costs), books, passport, spending money, and additional independent foreign travel.

Using your Georgetown Scholarship Money

Students may use all of their federal and state aid for study abroad (be sure to check with the Financial Aid Office to verify the exact amount – some state and federal restrictions may apply).

Students may also use up to $5,000 of their institutional (aid/scholarships from Georgetown College) aid toward study abroad program costs.

Note: You must contact the Financial Aid Office to verify exact amounts.

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