Congratulations on your acceptance to Georgetown College!

We are excited to welcome you to be a part of the tradition of our historic, prestigious college. We look forward to including you in an academically-rigorous institution based on strong principles and character. On behalf of the students, faculty and staff of Georgetown College, welcome!

Please follow these steps to complete the enrollment process:

1) Complete the Application for Need-Based Aid

Complete the application and follow the submission instructions so that we can determine if you are eligible for more aid (scholarship) money.

2) Receive and accept your final scholarship package

This will show the exact amount of scholarship money you will receive from Georgetown College. Once you accept your award package we can begin the immigration process.

3) Provide financial verification for US immigration purposes

You may still be asked to show proof of your finances. According to US immigration regulations you must have enough money currently available to pay at least your first year of expenses.

4) Pay the $1,000 deposit

This deposit reserves your spot at Georgetown College and officially makes you a GC Tiger! Georgetown College has partnered with Western Union to make international payments easier. Visit our unique Western Union website for additional information.

5) Receive your I-20 via FedEx

Once you pay the deposit we will issue your I-20 (the immigration document you will need to get an F-1 visa). We will mail other important information to you along with your I-20.

6) Pay the SEVIS fee

Visit the SEVIS Fee website to pay your SEVIS fee.

7) Schedule your visa interview at the nearest US Embassy

Find your local US Embassy

8) Purchase your plane ticket to Georgetown!

Be sure to contact the Office of International Student Services about the correct dates for your ticket. Georgetown has partnered with StudentUniverse to offer discounted travel to students. Visit StudentUniverse for additional information.

You must view the Arrival Process information and complete the Airport Pick Up Request in order to schedule your airport pick up.

Note: StudentUniverse is an option for purchasing your plane ticket. Students are not required to purchase their plane ticket via Student Universe.

9) Receive information from the Office of International Student Services about class registration, housing and your arrival.

 Looking for information about cell phones, bank accounts and other topics?

See International Student Services for more information.