Program Description

Spanish Immersion at GC is a unique approach to learning Spanish

The idea behind Spanish Immersion at GC is simple: by taking a few of their general studies “Core” classes in Spanish (for example Biology, Sociology, or Religion), students can improve their language skills while completing courses needed for graduation. Students can still major or minor in any field they like – Spanish Immersion just provides extra (and unique) opportunities to work on Spanish language skills.

Students start the program at various skill levels. Some have grown up speaking the language at home, others have only had a few years of Spanish in high school. Either way, you’ll only need to complete 4 Immersion-sponsored courses + a capstone project (15 credit hours) to receive the IEGC certificate. Many students enter the program as freshman, but wait until their sophomore year to start taking full immersion-courses.

The program offers a wide variety of courses that rotate depending on student interest and need. Students have ample opportunities to complete coursework on Georgetown’s campus. Credits earned through study abroad may also be applied to the 15 credit hour minimum.

Senior Capstone Project

The senior Capstone is an opportunity for students to put their Spanish to use in a field that contributes to their major/minor studies or future academic/professional goals. This capstone may take the form of either an independent academic study or a professional internship. During their internship, students keep a journal, blog, or video diary or write reflection papers to demonstrate the knowledge gained through the experience. Capstone projects may be completed locally or during study abroad.

IEGC works closely with each student’s major adviser, the Graves Center for Calling and Career, and the GC Center for Civic Engagement to develop a high-quality and personalized Capstone experience for each student. Students also have the option to complete their Capstone project while studying abroad.

Beyond the classroom

IEGC students are encouraged to take the study of Spanish out of the classroom and incorporate it into daily life. The program coordinates various activities to allow students to use their Spanish in ways that are practical and personal. Some of our recent activities include:

  • Welcome back open house in collaboration with International Students and Intensive English programs
  • Organizing a craft activity for children at Lexington’s Latino Festival
  • Chilean Independence Day celebration
  • Opportunities to volunteer with the local Hispanic community
  • Guest speakers on campus
  • Almuerzo en español Spanish-only lunch table in the Caf
  • Día de los muertos celebration with visiting high school students


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