IEGC Courses

To receive IEGC recognition upon graduation, students must complete at least 15 credit hours in IEGC sponsored or approved courses.

In practice, that means that most students complete: 1 hour Freshman Seminar + 4 immersion courses + 2 hour capstone project. Not bad at all!

Seminario en Español (Freshman Seminar)

This 1 credit hour course gives students an introduction not only to Spanish Immersion, but life at GC in general. Part of the campus wide Freshman Seminar program, the Immersion section of this course gives students who are interested in Spanish Immersion a chance to get to know each other and learn more about the program. The course is conducted primarily in English, but will include opportunities for conversation and cultural activities en español. Recommended for all freshman who are enrolled in or thinking about joining the Immersion program at some point during their studies at GC.

Courses offered on rotation

Philosophy 150

A general introduction to philosophical problems, questions, and modes of thought. Students will read from Greek, German, French, English, Spanish, and Latin American authors, to introduce students to the tradition of philosophical inquiry and develop their Spanish skills.

SPA 320: Survey of Spanish Literature 

A study of prominent Peninsular Spanish authors and works from the 12th through 21st centuries (students may count one course from the Spanish department toward their IEGC credits). The course is taught by Dr. Adela Borrallo-Solis.

SPA 322: Survey of Hispanic American Literature

A study of prominent Hispanic American authors and works from the 15th through the 21st centuries (students may count one course from the Spanish department toward their IEGC credits).

Foundations 112

Each Spring semester, IEGC offers a section of Foundations 112 in Spanish. The topical focus of the course depends on the professor teaching it and the course counts towards the second of the Foundations series general studies requirements.

Upcoming courses

Fall of 2013: REL 253 (World Religion)

Spring 2014: Introduction to Sociology

Other courses planned include: Political Science, Biology, and Math

Education Abroad

IEGC students are encouraged to study abroad at least once during their time at Georgetown. We work closely with GC Education Abroad to find programs and course-offerings that are good fit for IEGC students. Content courses (Biology, Philosophy, etc…not language study) taken while abroad count toward a student’s IEGC hours and are a great way for students to take classes in topic and fields not offered on the GC campus.

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