September Anniversaries

Fred Cook, Maintenance – 39

Tina Robinson, Building Services – 38

John Sadlon, English – 35

Cathy Buckman, Business Administration – 34

Frank Wiseman, Chemistry -34

Rebecca Miller, Music – 24

Don Blakeman, Information Technology Services -22

Randall Francis, Maintenance – 22

Mark Tate, Music – 22

Glenn Williams, Business Administration -22

Anita Jones, Graduate Education – 21

Jana Henson, Biology – 19

Bobbi Boblett, Information […]

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September Birthdays


Randall Myers, Library – 9/1

Leslie Phillips, Kinesiology and Health Science – 9/1

Flash Williams, Athletics – 9/2

Eloise Lewis, Music -9/3

Charles Mingua, Maintenance – 9/3

Harold Peach, Education -9/3

Stephen Hill, Athletics – 9/4

Michael Brown, Student Life – 9/6

Jane Arrington, Graduate Education 9/8

Darrell Kincer, Art – 9/9

Terry Robinson, Building Services – 9/9

Frank Wiseman, Chemistry – 9/9

Terry Davidson, Building […]

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Most Account Holders Fail Basic HSA Quiz

By Stephen Miller, CEBS 7/10/2014

High-deductible health plans and health savings accounts (HSAs) have been in the market for over a decade now—and flexible spending accounts (FSAs) and health reimbursement arrangements (HRAs) have been around for much longer. Yet consumers, including current account holders, do not fully understand them.

Only 30 percent of current […]

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August Anniversaries


Christine Leverenz, Math/Physics/Comp Science  - 32

Brenda Power, Building Services – 32

Rosemary Allen, President’s Office, - 30

George McGee, Theatre/Performance Studies – 30

Mark Johnson, Biology – 29

Harold Tallant, Jr., History – 27

Todd Coke, English – 25

Sonny Burnette, Music – 24

David Fraley, Chemistry – 24

David Bowman, Math/Physics/Comp Science – 23

Jana Brill, Modern/ Classical Language Culture – 23

Richard Kopp, Biology […]

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August Birthdays


Paul Chambers, Grounds – 8/2

Nancy Lumpkin, Business Administration – 8/2

Ruth Blankenship, Building Services – 8/3

William Stevens, Biology – 8/4

H.K. Kingkade, President’s Office – 8/5

Adela Borrallo-Sollis, Modern/Classical Language – 8/8

Brian Evans, President’s Office - 8/9

Alma Hall, Communications/ Media Studies – 8/9

Barbara Burch, English – 8/11

Kathleen Collins, Building Services = 8/11

Susan Campbell, Chemistry – 8/12

Andrea McCloskey, Athletics – […]

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New Faces on Campus

Welcome to those who have recently joined our team!

Savannah Benningfield – Ropes Course Facilitator — Student Life
Thomas Blue — Part-Time Safety Officer — Campus Safety
Justin Carr — Manager – Image Services Center — Auxiliary Services
Mary Ann Doyle — Adjunct Professor — Education
Madeline Fritz — Graphic Artist — Marketing & Communications
Sonya Hall — Data […]

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Upcoming Events

July 4th (Friday) Independence Day
Some offices may be open — your manager will let you know if you are required to work this day.

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Six Rules To Ensure A Comfortable Retirement


As you approach retirement, there are steps you need to take to ensure your savings can last a lifetime. Regardless of your retirement goals — whether they include travel, moving to a warmer part of the country or spending more time with family, you need to ensure you will have enough money to […]

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Difficult Conversations: Nine Common Mistakes

By Sarah Green, based on Failure to Communicate by Holly Weeks

Mistake #1: We fall into a combat mentality.
When difficult conversations turn toxic, it’s often because we’ve made a key mistake: we’ve fallen into a combat mentality. This allows the conversation to become a zero-sum game, with a winner and a loser. But the reality […]

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10 Tips to Help You Boost Your Retirement Savings

Even if you began saving late or have yet to begin, it’s important for you to know you are not alone, and there are steps you can take to kick-start your retirement plan. Merrill Lynch has provided the following tips to help boost your savings — no matter what stage of your life — […]

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Upcoming Events

Easter Holiday
April 18 — Good Friday

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New Faces on Campus

Welcome to those who have recently joined our team.

Raymond Bailey — Adjunct Faculty — Religion
Jeremy Bass — Adjunct Faculty — Music
Mason Daniel — EGSL Activities Coordinator — Chemistry
Layne Earlywine — Building Technician — Building Services
Robert Fox – Adjunct Faculty — Religion
Floyd Hockensmith — Safety Officer — Campus Safety
Jeremy King — Building Technician — Building […]

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Tiger Cub

Welcome to our latest Tiger Cub!

Isaac Leonard Baird — Born 3-19-14, 7 pounds, 14 ounces, 20.5 inches
(Son of Sandy Baird — LRC)

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