A special Oxford Honors track of the Honors Program has been created to combine the best of an American liberal arts honors education with elements of the vaunted Oxford University tutorial method of teaching and learning. Students who are selected for this special track will receive a yearly stipend in addition to any regular academic awards, and recipients will also be eligible for an additional scholarship to cover all tuition and boarding costs should they decide to pursue study at Oxford in the junior or senior year.

Oxford Honors Program Elements

Students selected as Oxford Honors Scholars will complete all elements of the regular Georgetown College Honors Program as outlined in the Honors Program Handbook, but the Oxford Honors track will differ from the regular program in the following ways:

  1. The order and pacing of how the elements should be completed will be more well-defined. The yearly stipend is contingent upon the successful completion of certain elements in each year of the program. View the yearly requirements.
  2. In addition, several regular program elements (Honors Sections, Increments, Contracts, etc.) will be designed to allow Oxford Honors Scholars to reap some of the benefits of Oxford style teaching and learning in their Georgetown Honors Program experience.
  3. Finally, Oxford Honors Scholars will be required to attend up to six academic workshops in the first two years of study. Each workshop will highlight some good of the Oxford-style tutorial method and offer students the opportunity to shape their own learning in light of those goods.


Up to 20 Oxford Honors Scholars will receive the equivalent of a Trustee Scholarship and a yearly $500 stipend if they complete all Oxford Honors elements required for that year. In addition, those who apply and are accepted for the Oxford Tutorial Program will be eligible for an Oxford International Studies Scholarship covering all fees for study at Regent’s Park College in the University of Oxford for up to three full Oxford terms. These scholarships are worth up to $13,300 per Oxford term, and between 7 and 15 of these scholarships will be awarded each year.

Eligibility and Application Procedures

Graduating high school seniors with a 28 or higher ACT and a cumulative un-weighted high school GPA of 3.75 are eligible to apply. Students must also be interested in majoring, minoring, or cultivating a strong elective concentration in one of the following disciplines: English Literature, Religion, Political Science, History, Art History, Philosophy, Economics, Mathematics, Sociology, Foreign Languages (Spanish, German, or French), Classics, or Psychology. To be considered, students must submit a completed application for admission and they must also submit the separate Oxford Honors Application. Both applications must be post-marked by February 1st to be considered. Recipients of the scholarship will be notified in March, and acceptance of the scholarship will be expected no later than April 1st.

Current Georgetown freshmen who meet the above requirements and have maintained at least a 3.3 cumulative college GPA are also eligible to apply. If these students have not yet been admitted to the regular Honors Program, then they must submit the Oxford Honors Scholars application. If, however, the students have already been admitted to the Honors Program, they need only submit a letter requesting consideration for the Oxford Honors Scholars to the Honors Program Director. The letter should indicate which of the relevant disciplines the student intends to pursue, and it should be accompanied by a transcript of all work completed at Georgetown College.

Important Notes

Selection as an Oxford Honors Scholar will ensure excellent preparation should the student desire to study at Oxford through the Georgetown College Oxford Tutorial Program, but Oxford Honors Scholars are not required to apply for this separate program. In addition, since final admissions decisions regarding the Oxford Tutorial Program rest with Regent’s Park College in the University of Oxford, selection as an Oxford Honors Scholar cannot guarantee admission to Oxford through the Tutorial Program.

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