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  • Honors Course Proposal
  • Honors Increment Proposal
    • An Honors Increment can be added to any course on the academic schedule. With an Honors Increment, an honors student receives honors credit for a standard catalog class on the basis of an additional independent or directed study component. Faculty may propose Honors Increments for any class Honors students are also encouraged to approach faculty members and suggest that an Honors Increment be added to a particular class. These Honors Increment proposals should be submitted to the Honors Program Committee before pre-registration during the semester before the course is to be offered. A student who takes an Honors Increment course may drop the Increment without dropping the course; similarly, the student can fail to earn Honors credit while still earning a grade for the course itself.
    • Honors work can take many forms, including but not limited to additional or alternate reading assignments; expanded or redirected research or paper assignments; supplemental tutorial sessions; etc. The goal should be to ensure greater depth, rather than simply greater volume, in the honors student’s experience. The Honors Program particularly encourages proposals that stress undergraduate research or interdisciplinary work, but creative or unusual proposals will also be welcome.
    • COA 220 Increment Proposal
    • Math 335 Increment Proposal