A New Book and a Sabbatical

The University Press of Kentucky will soon publish a new textbook by JIM KLOTTER (coauthored with his wife, Freda), Faces of Kentucky. The book is a history of Kentucky for elementary school students. Also this spring, three of his books will make their first appearance in paperback editions: […]

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Professors in the News

State Historian JAMES C. KLOTTER, professor of history at Georgetown College, is the recipient of the 2005 Thomas D. Clark Kentucky Archives Week Award. The award, announced by the Kentucky State Historical Records Advisory Board during the annual Kentucky Archives Week celebrations, recognizes distinguished contributions to the work of archives and archivists.

The award was presented to Dr. Klotter by State Archivist Richard Belding, Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives, at the fall meeting of the Kentucky Council on Archives at Northern Kentucky University. […]

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Professors in the News

CLIFF WARGELIN was recently asked by Scribner’s to contribute a scholarly entry on the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk for an upcoming Encyclopedia of European History. (Scholars Developing Scholars Newsletter, October 2005, p. 2.)

JIM KLOTTER gave seven historical talks to various groups—the Civil War Preservation Trust’s national teachers’ meeting, the Ohio Valley […]

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History Majors Honored

One of them will be spending a year in Germany on a Fulbright grant. The second will take her triple major to the University of Massachusetts to pursue her Ph.D. These winners of the Dean’s Honor Award for 2005 would be the pride of any college in the nation. And, they are also history majors, MICHAEL PUGLISI and WHITNEY PURCELL. They joined Chemistry major Michael Newcomer as this year’s recipients of Georgetown’s highest academic honor.


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Congratulations to…

In April 2005, Georgetown’s Student Life Office inaugurated the LINDSEY APPLE Student Life Appreciation Award. The award was named in honor of the recently retired chair of the History Department in appreciation of his 36 years of service to Georgetown College (seven as Dean of Students). According to Dr. Todd Gambill, Dean of Students, “Dr. Apple has spent his career contributing to the growth and development of Georgetown students both in and out.” The award, funded by AGS and the Student Life Office, will be presented each year to […]

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Professors Making Headlines

LIYAN LIU was elected as the Board director of the Association of Chinese Historians in the United States at the 2005 American Historical Association conference in Seattle in January 2005. (Scholars Developing Scholars Newsletter, February 2005, p. 2.)

HAROLD TALLANT’S book, Evil Necessity: Slavery and Political Culture in Antebellum Kentucky, […]

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Congrats to Dr. Liyan Liu

LIYAN LIU gave a talk on “Development of Chinese Buddhism” at Crane House, Louisville, on November 11. Her paper, entitled “The First Generation of Chinese Communists and the Hunan First Normal School,” presented at the American Historical Association conference in Washington, D.C. in January 2004, has also been accepted by […]

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Scholars Developing Scholars

ELLEN EMERICK attended a five-day conference in Palo Alto on the theme of promoting critical thinking in the classroom, run by the Critical Thinking Institute. She is also a member of the board (as past-president) of the Kentucky Association of Teachers of History [KATH] and helped put on their annual […]

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Say Goodbye

Department Chair LINDSEY APPLE is retiring.

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Klotter and Tallant, Authors!

JAMES KLOTTER and HAROLD TALLANT have published new books: Klotter’s Kentucky Justice, Southern Honor, and American Manhood: Understanding the Life and Death of Richard Reid and Tallant’s Evil Necessity: Slavery and Political Culture in Antebellum Kentucky.

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