In April 2005, Georgetown’s Student Life Office inaugurated the LINDSEY APPLE Student Life Appreciation Award. The award was named in honor of the recently retired chair of the History Department in appreciation of his 36 years of service to Georgetown College (seven as Dean of Students). According to Dr. Todd Gambill, Dean of Students, “Dr. Apple has spent his career contributing to the growth and development of Georgetown students both in and out.” The award, funded by AGS and the Student Life Office, will be presented each year to “a faculty member that has supported Student Life and the co-curricular endeavors of our students.” The $500 award is equally divided between the recipient and the recipient’s academic department. “It is the hope of AGS and the Student Life team that this small gesture will demonstrate our appreciation to perhaps the most student-centered faculty in Kentucky,” said Dr. Gambill. The first recipient of the award, given at the spring Student Life Honors Day, is Dr. Karyn McKenzie of the Psychology Department. (Scholars Developing Scholars Newsletter, April 2005, p. 1.)

JAMES KLOTTER spoke in January 2005 on the history of rural electrification in Kentucky to a state REA meeting, and then spent a week of research, on Henry Clay, at the Filson Historical Society in Louisville, courtesy of a Breaux Fellowship. He has also had a book review published in Journal of Social History. Recently, he spoke to 4th, 5th, and 8th grade classes in morning and then to the whole school in afternoon at Adairville School in Logan County. (He reports that some of the more interesting questions–supposedly on Kentucky History–were: “Define civilization”; “Who invented gold?”; “How many caves are there in Kentucky?”; and “How big is a buffalo’s stomach?”) He also appeared on “Comment on Kentucky” on KET. (Click here to watch the program.) During his 2005-06 sabbatical year, Dr. Klotter conducted research at the Virginia Historical Society. (Scholars Developing Scholars Newsletter, April 2005, p. 2.)