I am like a river/that forks around land, becomes smaller or larger or more salty,/and then reunites, on the other side, with itself”:  the sensuousness of that image conveys the nature of Monica Wendel’s work, as does the cleaving, as does the ultimate join. She’s very aware of what breaks or never forms, but her poems also seem socially and psychologically embracing, full of people and sex and dreams and cities, and yet intimate, as if I’m holding a little window in my hand. These poems feel genuine in the best sense – necessary to the poet and honest in what they love or push away from. I’ve been reluctant to use this word in blurbs, but these poems really are charming—they cast a spell that makes me want to live with them, to open that window and crawl through.
—Jim Daniels

Monica Wendel mines the pleasures and discontents of city life in subtle, evocative lyrics that range in subject from the political, to love, desire and dreamlife, to the everyday mishaps and mysteries encountered on the streets of Brooklyn.  Wendel is expert at precise observation, and her voice is immensely appealing—intimate, lively and sly.  There’s abundant wit, intelligence and humor here, too.  A memorable collection from a promising young poet, No Apocalypse sings with the immediacy of life as it is being lived right this minute in New York City.
—Deborah Landau

[/su_quote]…I found courageous poems blooming throughout this book, poems that are self-assured but still eager to wander through the world around them. Monica Wendel’s first collection shows us a poet open to unsure footing and revelations from this fantastic mess around us.[/su_quote] —Levi Rubeck, the the poetry blog


Author bio:

Monica Wendel is a Brooklyn-based poet whose work has been adapted for the stage by puppets and actors alike. Her first book of poems, No Apocalypse, was described by Bob Hicok as “socially and psychologically embracing, full of sex and dreams and people and cities.” Her chapbook Call it a Window was published by the Midwest Writing Center Press in 2012. A graduate of NYU’s MFA in Creative Writing program, she was the recipient of both Goldwater and Starworks teaching fellowships and taught creative writing at Goldwater Hospital, NYU, and St. Mary’s Health Care Center for Kids. More recently, she has had the pleasure of being a visiting instructor of composition at St. Thomas Aquinas College and a volunteer writing tutor at Still Waters in a Storm. Her poems have appeared in Spoon River Poetry Review, Drunken Boat, Bellevue Literary Review, and other journals.


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