Visiting Candidates

Aside from any formal program, Georgetown offers courses to those candidates needing only a few courses for the purposes of Professional Development, Re-certification, or transfer credit to another university.

Transferring Credits to Another University

Any candidates needing to take one or two courses to be transferred into their program at their attending university must indicate a course from the Course Catalog that is approved by their advisor. The advisor should send an email as written permission and approval of the course.  This email should be sent to

When the candidate has completed the approved course, s/he will receive a letter of completion and a copy of an unofficial transcript from the Graduate Education office.

Professional Development/Re-certification Credits

Candidates may take an unlimited number of courses to fulfill their professional development or re-certification requirements. With this in mind, should the candidate later want to be admitted into a full program, only six credit hours (two courses) could be given credit toward any program.

Applying as a Visiting Candidate

All Visiting Candidates’ applications go through an expedited process.┬á To apply as a Visiting Candidate, please apply using our QuickApp.


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