Maintaining the Legacy

The original Chapel

The original Chapel


Throughout the history of Georgetown College, the Chapel has been the deep center of our campus and reminder of our cultural identity.   It is a place of Christian worship, a place of prayer and a place where students for generations have found the love of Christ.  Unapologetically Christian is the deep center of the Georgetown College mission.  It is the foundation of all we are.  It instructs us to:  teach/learn, be compassionate, be accountable, be fearless, caste our cares upon Him, seek the truth, and be servants.  The Chapel empowers us to prepare students for the frontier.

Our campus experienced the loss of our symbol of Christian faith in 1930 when fire destroyed the original Chapel.  In what was then a time of difficult economic and political conditions in our country, the Georgetown College family, friends, and patrons, resolute in their faith, gave rise to a dream of a new Chapel.

In 1949, a vision was realized with the completion of the John L. Hill Chapel under the administration of Dr. Samuel S. Hill.   Once again, the symbol of Georgetown College’s Christian foundation was the pinnacle of our campus profile.  With its beautifully crafted stained glass windows, a soaring ceiling allowing proper acoustics for our A Cappella Choirs, an impressive pipe organ and ample seating, the Chapel has served us well.   John L. Hill Chapel symbolizes our Christian identity which we are fully dedicated to preserving.   It empowers us to teach students to be compassionate, to be accountable, to be fearless in seeking the truth and to be fearless servants of Christ. The challenge for the future of the Chapel is to enhance its present physical conditions.  Damaging weather and age have left the Chapel in need of much repair.  The College now struggles to sustain the proper funding for these repairs, due to current economic conditions.

Hill ChapelOur Future Realized through the Chapel

John L. Hill Chapel serves as a constant reminder of our Christian heritage and ever present witness of God’s presence at Georgetown College.  Georgetown College has always been dedicated to serving all students and to providing a solid foundation for their life pursuits.  As a result, our alumni can be found around the world implementing their education and Christian faith having a positive impact on their communities.

An Invitation for Future Investment

We believe Georgetown College can achieve its physical enhancement goals for the Chapel with the support of dedicated individuals like you.  The timing for a fresh makeover of the Chapel is perfect as we prove our commitment as an institution of Christian leadership and superior academics.

We now seek Leadership level gifts to begin our fundraising efforts for the John L. Hill Chapel.   Through your gift, you will have a role in preserving and improving a place of Christian worship, a place where couples are united in Christian marriage, a place where the Word is preached.  John L. Hill Chapel is a place where students learn to lead their peers to Christ and the importance of serving through Missions programs nationally and throughout the World.

For information on how you can contribute to the Chapel renovation project, contact Lori Matthews in the Office of Development. Phone 502-863-8048 or email