Arthur Yager 159x200 Arthur Yager Level – $2,500Arthur Yager earned his A. B. and A.M. degrees in 1879 and 1882 respectively from Georgetown College.  While working on his master’s degree, he headed the college’s Academy.  Yager then went to Johns Hopkins University in 1882 to work on his doctorate.  He returned to Georgetown College and became professor of history, economics, and political science, a position he held until his resignation as president in 1913. He successfully defended liberal arts education at Georgetown College at a time when some Baptists were attacking it as leading young men and women away from traditional Baptist values in favor of secular ones, and he helped the college’s graduates win their first Rhodes Scholarships.  In 1913, Yager accepted an appointment as governor of Puerto Rico from President Woodrow Wilson, a former classmate at Johns Hopkins University.

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