President’s Club

The following individuals and organizations have made annual gifts of $1,000 and above (alumni from the most recent 10 years qualify at $500) for the fiscal year July 2009-June 2010. Updated 8-30-12

  • Individuals

    Mr. James E. Acra
    Ms. Jalie L. Adams
    Mr. and Mrs. David C. Adkisson
    Dr. and Mrs. Alan Akridge
    Ms. McKenzie G. Albright
    Dr. and Mrs. Barry Allen
    Mr. Jim Allison
    Ms. Courtney Amburgey
    Ms. Alexis Y. Anderson
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Anderson
    Dr. and Mrs. James W. Anderson
    Miss Ashlyn M. Anderson-Keelin
    Dr. Glenn D. Armstrong
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Ayers
    Mr. Tyler I. Back
    Mr. and Mrs. Jason A. Baird
    Mr. Ryan A. Ball
    Mr. John M. Ballbach
    Mr. Tucker Ballinger
    Mr. James R. Bannister
    Ms. Kelsey Barbato
    Mr. and Mrs. James L. Barlow
    Mr. J. William Barnett
    Mr. John K. Barnett
    Dr. and Mrs. Gregory S. Barr
    M. Brian Bauer, MD
    Mr. Alexander A. Bays
    Mr. and Mrs. Nolan M. Bean
    Ms. Allison Beck
    Miss Gina L. Beining
    Mr. Jordan R. Bell
    Ms. Lee Birdwhistell
    Dr. Jack Birdwhistell
    Mr. Todd A. Bixler
    Mr. William E. Blackburn
    Ms. Katie L. Blair
    Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Blakeman
    Mr. and Mrs. Al Blevins
    Mrs. Kay Blevins
    Mrs. Jessica M. Blevins
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Boren
    Mr. Daniel A. Borman
    Mr. Kent A. Boswell
    Dr. and Mrs. David Bowman
    Ms. Emily M. Bradley
    Mr. Norman L. Brown
    Ms. Candace Brunk
    Ms. Emily T. Buerger
    Miss Mollee R. Bundy
    Mr. Jordan D. Burk
    Mr. Michael R. Buskey
    Drs. John and Luannette Butler
    Ms. Allison B. Butler
    Ms. Marina Byrd
    Mr. Jonathan M. Cain
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Calhoun
    Mr. Darryl R. Callahan
    Mr. and Mrs. Mike Cappock
    Ms. Sarah E. Carey
    Mr. and Mrs. Larry M. Carlton
    Mrs. Susan A. Carrington
    Mr. and Mrs. Jack Carrington II
    Mr. Robert C. Carter
    Ms. Elizabeth M. Carter
    Miss Lauren Casada
    Ms. Sarah Catron
    Ms. Melody Chaney
    Mrs. Betty Jean Chatham
    Mrs. Pearl Chiu
    Mr. and Mrs. James L. Cloar, Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Cohen
    Dr. John T. Coke & Dr. Rosemary A. Allen
    Dr. Robert L. Coleman
    Governor Martha L. Collins and Dr. Bill Collins
    Mrs. J. Nicole Bivens Collinson
    Dr. and Mrs. Lanny R. Copeland
    Ms. Allison K. Cornett
    Dr. and Mrs. Paul R. Corts
    Dr. and Mrs. Raymond L. Cravens
    Dr. and Mrs. William H. Crouch, Jr.
    Mr. Michael R. Cunningham and Dr. Jessica Dawn Cunningham
    Mr. Grant C. Curran
    Mr. Tyler J. Daniel
    Mr. and Mrs. Norman T. Daniels, Jr.
    Dr. and Mrs. Robert M. Davis
    Mr. Clay Parker Davis
    Mrs. Julia A. Dean
    Dr. and Mrs. John R. Deen
    Mr. Carlos J. Del Valle
    Dr. Jonathan W. Dickinson
    Dr. and Mrs. Bartlett G. Dickinson
    Mr. and Mrs. Bill Dixon, Jr.
    Mr. Jeffrey M. Dobranski and Mrs. Mary D. Dobranski
    Dr. Robert L. Doty
    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Dowling, Jr.
    Dr. John E. Downing
    Mrs. Darlene Drake
    Mr. Daniel S. Drake
    Ms. Michelle A. Dresselhaus
    Mrs. Erin Lynn Druen
    Mr. Zachary R. Duff
    Dr. and Mrs. Michael W. Eden
    Mr. Steven Z. Edwards
    Mrs. Connie Eggert
    Mrs. Charlotte Ann Elder
    Mr. and Mrs. John D. Elliott
    Ms. Victoria E. Engelhardt
    Dr. and Mrs. Gene Enlow
    Mr. and Mrs. Howard Ensor
    Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Ensor, Jr.
    Ms. Arielle M. Evans
    Mr. and Mrs. David Fannin
    Dr. John M. Farmer, M.D.
    Dr. Jerry W. Fields
    Mr. and Mrs. Randy D. Fields
    Mr. Gregory K. Finger
    Mr. Andrew L. Finnerson
    Mr. and Mrs. Scott B. Fitzpatrick
    Ms. Hannah J. Flanery
    Ms. Virginia Fox
    Mr. and Mrs. Randall L. Fox
    Mrs. Lynn P. Freeman
    Rev. Richard Gaines
    Drs. Sidney T. and Jeannie Gambill
    Mr. Brandon S. Gardner
    Ms. Whitney L. Gay
    Mr. and Mrs. Douglas C. Gibson
    Mr. and Mrs. Hoot Gibson
    Mr. Robert M. Gilvin
    Miss Elizabeth A. Givens
    Mr. and Mrs. Earl A. Goode
    Dr. Susan Goodin
    Ms. Elizabeth M. Goodin
    Mr. and Mrs. Rollie D. Graves
    Mr. Lucas M. Gravitt
    Mrs. Ann Greene
    Ms. Emily Greene
    Ms. Sara M. Grega
    Mr. Tom Grissom
    Dr. Gordon P. Guthrie
    Mr. Michael T. Haas
    Mr. and Mrs. Henry N. Hall
    Dr. and Mrs. Horace T. Hambrick
    Ms. Kelsey E. Hamilton
    Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Hammons
    Miss Chayna M. Hardy-Taylor
    Mr. and Mrs. James E. Hargrove
    Ms. Katelyn E. Harris
    Mr. and Mrs. Weldon Harris
    Ms. Raychel L. Harrison
    Mr. Frank Harshaw
    Dr. and Mrs. William H. Harvey
    Mr. and Mrs. Reza Hashampour
    Mr. Corey S. Hatfield
    Mrs. Judy M. Hays
    Ms. Janet S. Heiden
    Drs. James L. and Ruth B. Heizer
    Mr. Carl A. Henlein
    Mrs. Anna M. Hensley
    Ms. Leigh Anne Hiatt
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Hieb
    Samuel S. Hill, Jr., Ph.D.
    Mr. Jesse Reid Hodgson
    Mr. and Mrs. William V. Holden
    Rev. and Mrs. Kenneth D. Holden
    Mr. Robert L. Hook
    Mr. and Mrs. B. I. Houston
    Mr. David C. Huffman
    Ms. Phyllis J. Hughes
    Ms. Kyle A. Huskin
    Ms. Brittney J. Hutchison
    Ms. Sarah C. Hutson
    Allan E. Inglis, MD
    Ms. Rachel A. Isaacs
    Mr. and Mrs. David R. Jacobs
    Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth James
    Mr. and Mrs. I. Grundy Janes, Jr.
    Mr. John O. Jeffries
    Mrs. Mary L. Jenkins
    Ms. Amy C. Johnson
    Mr. Stephen Johnson
    Mr. Billy W. Johnson
    Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Johnson, Jr.
    Mr. Michael A. Jones
    Mr. and Mrs. David A. Jones, Sr.
    Dr. and Mrs. David C. Jones
    Mrs. Jeanne Kaenzig Evans
    Ms. Sorna T. Kamara
    Mr. and Mrs. Jason R. Keller
    Ms. Sarah J. Keller
    Mr. and Mrs. Dale A. Kenley
    Ms. Shelby M. King
    Ms. Amanda B. Klamo
    Mrs. Laura G. Knapp
    Ms. Kelsey M. Knox
    Mr. and Mrs. David L. Knox
    Mr. James S. Koeppe and Dr. Gretchen Lohman
    Ms. Raven G. Koettel
    Ms. Caitlyn M. Kogge
    Mr. William M. Kuegel, Sr.
    Mr. Michael E. Kuney
    Mr. and Mrs. Jason R. Ladd
    Mr. Cas P. Lane
    Dr. Peter J. LaRue
    Mr. Michael T. LaVera
    Mr. Tyler T. Layton
    Mrs. Frances W. Lester
    Ms. Elizabeth Levay
    Dr. and Mrs. James B. Lewis
    Dr. and Mrs. Dwight E. Lindsay
    Miss Linda J. Long
    Mr. Chris L. Lord
    Mr. Roy K. Lowdenback and Dr. Rachel S. Lowdenback
    Ms. Ciera D. Lowery
    Mrs. Charlene Lucas
    Ms. Kelsey M. Luckett
    Mr. George Lusby
    Ms. Jaclyn S. Lyons
    Mr. Ben D. Mallin, Jr.
    Mrs. Vicky L. Mann
    Miss Ashley Martell
    Mr. Michael C. Martin
    Mrs. Missy Childers Matthews
    Mr. Thomas A. McAllister
    Dr. and Mrs. Duke K. McCall
    Mr. Russell C. McCandless
    Mr. and Mrs. C. James McCormick
    Ms. Tyneka C. McDaniel
    Ms. Caroline McDermott
    Ms. Anne E. McHone
    Ms. Rebekah J. McIntosh
    Ms. Sarah J. McIntosh
    Mr. and Mrs. David McMillen
    Dr. David C. McMurtry
    Mr. Christopher J. Megargel
    Ms. Mary E. Mercke
    Dr. and Mrs. Charles W. Midkiff
    Ms. Margaret L. Miles
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Miller
    Mr. and Mrs. John Milward
    Mr. and Mrs. Jim Moak
    Mr. Steve Monroe
    Dr. and Mrs. Wally O. Montgomery
    Mr. and Mrs. Doug Morrow, Jr.
    Mr. John C. Moss
    Miss Meredith N. Mueller
    Miss Courtney M. Mueller
    Ms. Marlene J. Nall
    Mr. Jeffrey W. Nally and Mr. Robert W. Johnson
    Ms. Madison A. Nation
    Mr. Blake A. Naylor
    Ms. Virginia Neely
    Mr. and Mrs. James H. Newberry, Jr.
    Ms. Olivia F. Norton
    Ms. Adriana C. Nunez
    David O. Oladele-Bankole, MD
    Ms. Ashley C. Oldfield
    Mr. Dominick P. Oliverio
    Ms. Ruby E. Orr
    Ms. Hannah Osborne
    Ms. Vanessa L. Ostertag
    Mr. and Mrs. A. Irvin Overall
    Mr. Thomas H. Owens
    Dr. and Mrs. William H. Owens
    Ms. Laura L. Owsley
    Mr. Julian A. Padgett
    Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Palmer
    Mr. and Mrs. E. Gerald Parker, Jr.
    Mr. Taylor Neal Payne
    Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Penn, Jr.
    Mr. Coy D. Phillips
    Mr. Eldon F. Phillips
    Mr. and Mrs. Grover C. Hibberd, Jr.
    Mr. Cody L. Polzin
    Mr. Mitch Price
    Mr. G. Kent Price
    Ms. Sara E. Price
    Mr. Taylor Rains
    Ms. Katherine N. Rapier
    Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Rardin
    Mr. and Mrs. James Ratcliffe
    Dr. Rogers W. Redding
    Rev. and Mrs. Alan B. Redditt
    Mr. Blake A. Reichenbach
    Mrs. Maedell Remington
    Mrs. Linda G. Rhea
    Ms. Samantha L. Richardson
    Mr. Matthew B. Riley
    Mr. James A. Roberts
    Mr. and Mrs. William J. Roby
    Ms. Mikkah K. Rogers
    Mr. and Mrs. Donald P. Roinestad
    Mr. William M. Rosson
    Mr. Andrew D. Russell
    Ms. Dana E. Sabato
    Mr. and Mrs. Erik P. Sandefer
    Mr. Adam P. Sandefer
    Mr. Matthew C. Sanders
    Mr. Benjamin T. Sargent
    Mrs. Leigh N. Schroeder
    Ms. Kay E Scott
    Mr. William A. Scott
    Miss Catherine E. Shaver
    Ms. Jeanne M. Shearer
    Mr. and Mrs. Mike Shelton
    Mr. and Mrs. James W. Shepherd, Jr.
    Ms. Cassandra L. Simmons
    Miss Rebecca D. Simpson
    Mr. Jesse C. Simpson
    Mr. W. Todd Skaggs
    Mr. Joshua A. Slone
    Mr. Maxwell D. Smith
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Smith
    Dr. Larry R. Smith
    Ms. Kristen Snyder
    Mr. Joseph E. Sparks
    Mr. Adam N. Speaks
    Ms. Carolyn L. Spears
    Mr. and Mrs. Lance E. Springs
    Dr. Christina L. Stacy and Mr. Dustin Stacy
    Ms. Haley A. Stegner
    Libby F. Stevens and Carroll D. Stevens
    Don A. Stevens, M.D.
    Mr. and Mrs. Fred Stickle
    Miss Devon E. Stivers
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Stump
    Mr. and Mrs. Albert S. Suffoletta
    Mrs. Carolyn N. Sweazy
    Mrs. Rhoda E. Tallant
    Mr. Jonathan P. Tate
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Terrell
    Mr. Ryan B. Thompson
    Dr. Robert W. Thompson II
    Miss Hillary A. Thornton
    Mr. and Mrs. William P. Thurman, Jr.
    Mr. William J. Tolle
    Mr. and Mrs. David Travis
    Dr. Ernest M. Tucker
    Mr. and Mrs. Kristofer D. Vanzant
    Miss Sarah T. Vaughn
    Mr. Zachary T. Virgin
    Mr. Nathan C. Waddle
    Ms. Jessica N. Waddle
    Mr. Cy Waddle
    Mrs. Ann Colbert Wade
    Dr. and Mrs. Ron Waldridge
    Mr. and Mrs. John R. Ward
    Ms. Frances D. Wardlaw
    Ms. Portia N. Watson
    Ms. Chassity N. Webb
    Mr. Dudley Webb
    Dr. and Mrs. Raymond Wechman, Jr.
    Ms. Alexandra J. Weiser
    Mrs. Sheila J. Wells
    Mrs. Carlos Wells
    David M. Wheeler, MD
    Mr. John A. Williams
    Dr. and Mrs. Wallace A. Williams
    Ms. Caitlin M. Williams
    Mr. and Mrs. Justin L. Willingham
    Mrs. Sarah Wilson
    Miss Taylor A. Wilson
    Mr. Robert N. Wilson
    Mrs. Jill R. Wilson
    Ms. Anne Wright Wilson
    Mr. Edward M. Wimmer
    Ms. Millicent N. Wimpsett
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Winstead
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Yates
    Ms. Samantha J. Yeates
    Mr. Guthrie L. Zaring
  • Corporations & Estates

    Mr. and Mrs. Laurel W. True
    Pheasant Hill Foundation
    Toyota Motor Mfg. KY, Inc.*
    Jenzabar, Inc.
    Georgetown Tennis Association, Ltd.
    Highland Baptist Church
    Faith Baptist Church
    Amerada Hess Companies*
    Sivells Baptist Camp
    Harshaw Trane
    Kentucky Baptist Convention
    Mercer University
    Citizens Community Foundation Inc.
    Calvary Baptist Church
    Healthcare Performance Partners
    Omni Custom Meats
    Consolidated Baptist Church
    National Diversity Solutions
    Community Foundation of Greater Memphis
    United Bank
    Georgetown Baptist Church
    Neace Lukens Holding Company
    Eagle Construction
    James Motor Company
    Journey A Community of Grace, Inc.
    Foundation for the Advancement of Christianity
    Virginia Baptist Foundation Inc.
    FLW Outdoors
    Dallas Baptist University
    Baird Government Solutions
    Harrodsburg Baptist Church
    Pharmacy Class of 2007
    Community Foundation of Louisville Depository
    St. Matthews Baptist Church
    Anchor Baptist Church
    Enterprise Rent-A-Car
    Charles E. Schell Foundation
    Eula Mae & John Baugh Foundation
    Broadway Baptist Church
    Howard Hughes Medical Institute
    The National Sales Group, LLC
    Elkhorn Association WMU
    Brookhollow Baptist Church
    Verizon Communications*
    Nicklies Foundation, Inc.
    Green’s Toyota
    Toyota Tsusho of America
    Ruth H Million Estate
    American Inst. For Foreign Study
    Florida Lakes Surgical PLLC
    Margaret Voorhies Haggin Trust
    Lillian Goldman Charitable Trust
    Estate of James P. Morris
    Estate of Mary C. Johnson
    Missouri Baptist University
    Unitrin, Inc.
    Living Faith Baptist Fellowship
    Allen Architectural Metals
    Equestrian Events, Inc.
    National Christian Foundation Kentucky
    Baptist Foundation of Illinois
    V. V. Cooke Foundation
    Ashland Inc. Foundation*
    Northwestern Mutual Foundation*
    E. O.Robinson Mountain Fund
    Fifth Third Bank*
    Community Health Systems Foundation
    Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
    American Baptist Home Mission Society
    PNC Foundation Matching Gift Program*
    State Farm Insurance*
    Unified Foodservice Purchasing Co-op, LLC
    Kentucky Baptist Foundation
    Farmers National Bank
    The Dallas Foundation

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